The Drums - "Magic Mountain"

Frontman Jonny Pierce released a solo album last year, but the Drums, the Brooklyn-via-Florida indie-poppers, haven’t given us a new song since their 2012 single “Days.” Today, they break their silence with “Magic Mountain,” a clean but jumpy number that’s more stark and yelpy than most of what gets called “indie-pop” these days. Check it out below.

There’s no word of a new album yet, but the Drums are touring North America this summer.

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  1. Can’t say I love it. It’s certainly not boring though. Maybe it’s a grower?

  2. Sounds more post-punk than ‘indie-pop’. which is fine with me!

  3. Wait, did Pierce’s solo album actually get released? I remember that song coming out but not any follow up.

  4. On February 16th they posted on their fbook that Album 3 is finished. Given they’ve announced a tour and now released this great single, I’m sure we’ll get their new LP this year.

    Digging this new track. Definitely a change-up for them, but they’re good at mixing it up. Both their first two albums have B-sides that are very different than their A-sides.

  5. This song is too tense and abrasive for my tastes. I prefer classic Drums, where they honed in on that summery jangle pop.

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