ALT-J - "Hunger Of The Pine" video

How fast can you run when your body is shot full of arrows? That’s the question that the hero of alt-J’s “Hunger Of The Pine” video faces. The British trio is preparing to release their much-awaited sophomore album This Is All Yours, and they brought Nabil, the greatest music video director currently working, in to helm the video for their shivery, Miley Cyrus-sampling first single. The clip follows a young man who’s on the run, pursued by mysterious bow-hunting producers, and it ends with one of those searing images Nabil is known for. The videos isn’t one you’ll forget anytime soon. It’s below.

This Is All Yours is out 9/23 on Canvasback/Infectious.

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  1. nabil is unbelievable at making videos. haven’t seen a bad one from him yet. Great song too btw.

  2. This is beautiful. I do not envy the choices that Tom will have to make this week for Straight to Video. This, “Core”, “War on the East Coast”, “Tacky”, and “Foil are all good enough to take the top spot in my opinion.

  3. …Alt-J?

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