The songs released so far from Jeff and Spencer Tweedy’s Sukierae — “I’ll Sing It,” “Summer Noon,” and “Wait For Love” — have been relatively straightforward folk-rock tracks that ostensibly could’ve popped up any time during Tweedy’s two-decade tenure with Wilco. “Diamond Light – Part 1,” on the other hand, is a lengthy experimental excursion that would be more at home on a Loose Fur record. The song tumbles, glides, and skitters through passages that glimmer and skronk with equal frequency. Tweedy’s gentle, familiar vocals show up now and again to lend pop approachability to the bleary sprawl. It’s a fascinating, rewarding piece of music, and you can listen to it below.

Sukierae is out 9/23 on dBpm. A limited edition “Diamond Light” 10-inch vinyl is available for purchase here, and “Diamond Light Pt. 1″ will be available as a free download this Monday for those who preorder Sukierae. Here’s a GIF of the “Diamond Light” vinyl:

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  1. a ghost is reborn

  2. this album is shaping up to be the most interesting and probably best thing tweedy has done since YHF

  3. Spencer Tweedy’s drumming is pretty excellent. That part starting around 4:30 is no kids stuff. This is like when Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. batted next to each other in Seattle.

  4. you know it would be one thing If Spencer was in his own band following his dad’s footsteps but the fact that they jam so well together is pretty amazing. Love every song as its being released and hope Jeff Tweedy makes music till he can’t sing anymore

  5. Definitely the best song we’ve heard from this project. Now, if only I were at a point in my life where I could justify $15 plus shipping for 2 songs

  6. Wow this is incredible. Sounds a little like some of the songs off of The Whole Love. But seems to go a little deeper. I am very excited for this new album…

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