Scott Walker And Sunn O)))

Earlier this month, 4AD announced that Scott Walker would be collaborating with drone metal legends Sunn O))). It was an announcement that made experimental music fans everywhere very, very excited (when the announcement came in, my Stereogum coworkers were treated to a series of loud expletives from yours truly: the guy who spent most of his job interview here ranting about why Bish Bosch was most definitely the best album of 2012). That was the only news, but we were promised more answers soon. Now we have them.

This September, the Walker and Sunn O))) will release the 50-minute, 5-track album Soused. The story goes that Sunn O))) approached Walker to appear on their most recent album, 2009′s Monoliths And Dimensions, but he declined. Since finishing Bish Bosch, however, Walker revisited the idea, and wrote music for him and the band. The album is produced by Walker and Peter Walsh, who has worked with him since the 1980s. Since Sunn O))) can be a bit of a revolving lineup, it’s worth noting this iteration will include Stephen O’Malley, Greg Anderson, and Tos Nieuwenhuizen (Oren Ambarchi is absent, unfortunately, and likely rebounding with Jim O’Rourke as we speak). This is still pretty unprecedented — as I’ve said before, when it comes to Scott Walker, you’re typically going to expect about a decade wait for the next album, and even though he says something along the lines of, “I hope to finish the next one sooner,” that’s never proven to be the case. But now it is; we’re seriously getting two Scott Walker albums in less than two years. Check out the tracklist below and look for Soused in September.

Soused (CD/digital):
01 “Brando”
02 “Herod 2014″
03 “Bull”
04 “Fetish”
05 “Lullaby”

Soused (LP):
A1 “Brando”
A2 “Bull”
B1 “Herod 2014″
C1 “Fetish”
C2 “Lullaby”

Soused is out 9/22 via 4AD.

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  1. This should make the new one from Swans sound like Air Supply.

  2. Wait, TWO Scott Walker albums in less than a year? What was the second one?

    I’ve said it before: Walker has constantly said it’d be great to do an album that can be played live, but in the studio his imagination goes too wild. Maybe this one will be playable!? One can hope.

    Oh, and yes, Bish Bosch was far and away the best album of 2012. The ballsiest thing released all year that year, and it was by a 70 year old guy, not some 22-year-old poser in New York.

    Anyway. I feel even more confident knowing this was penned entirely by Walker. We get so little of him that I wouldn’t want it diluted in any way.

    • two albums in TWO YEARS. Sorry about that typo, my excitement got the better of me.

      And yeah while I was writing the post in the office I was saying what you said almost verbatim! I had just the slightest misgiving, but now that it’s clear this was written by Walker (and just as importantly it’s co-produced by Peter Walsh who has been so essential to making Climate Of Hunter, Tilt, The Drift, and Bish Bosch what they are in terms of sound design) I’m so much more excited about this.

      Also I couldn’t agree more about the live performances. I’ve got very high hopes that this will be the album he’ll be able to actually play. I can’t even imagine what it would be like. I’m not sure if you’ve seen Sunn O))) play live but it’s one of the most overwhelming things I’ve ever experienced.

  3. Bish Bosch was a very good record. I’d like it a whole lot more without the farting.

  4. The thing I wonder about is if there will be any singing on this? Scott’s done instrumental works before, so it’s not a given…

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