Weird Al Yankovic - "Handy" video

“Weird Al” week continues! Amazing human being “Weird Al” Yankovic just released his new album Mandatory Fun, and he’s already shared videos for the Pharrell parody “Tacky” and the Lorde spoof “Foil,” as well as a great lyric video for his Robin Thicke skewering “Word Crimes.” And now it’s come time, inevitably, for him to take on Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s unstoppable pop juggernaut “Fancy.” The result is “Handy,” in which Yankovic puns impressively, for three minutes, about how he’s good at fixing stuff. If you guessed that the song would include a “glue dat, glue dat” line, pat yourself on the back. The video has dancing carpenters and “Weird Al” in, for some reason, a blonde wig and a fake mustache. Also, you may notice Eddie Pepitone as the customer. It rides its one joke impressively. Watch it below.

(via Yahoo)

Mandatory Fun is out now on RCA. Stream it here.

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  1. Al is straight up slaying this week.

  2. dont even quit if i hammer my thumb OOWWW haha great use of the owww in that


  4. Matthew McConaughey continues his streak of taking on surprising, challenging roles.

  5. Almost spit up my coffee. Took me a tick to get it…then BLAMMO!!!

    Thanks for that.

  6. I feel like Weird Al has always been a steady age of like 42

  7. i feel like weird al is the pinnacle of all dad jokes

  8. hes a really good dancer though guys

  9. Can’t help but postulate that this was directed by Eric Wareheim? It has 110% of the feel/calling cards for his regular(?) catalogue, not to mention he and Weird Al have collaborated a few times in the past…

    • Actually Yankovic is credited as Writer/Director/Editor. The shitty green screen effects are definitely reminiscent to T&E’s aesthetic. I know Tim, Eric & Al are mutual friends because there are definite parallels with their humor.

      I’d almost guarantee T&E were influenced by UHF to some degree. Plus, Eric has evolved so much as a director that I couldn’t see him doing something this campy anymore. You can see his improvement from FlyLo’s “Parisian Goldfish” (still a masterpiece in my book) to Beach House’s “Wishes”.

  10. It keeps getting better and better.

  11. I just want to fill the Top 5 “Most Commented” sidebar with all Weird Al videos. That would be a mindfuck.

  12. This video is almost as funny as the one that Stereogum just threw up of that guy from Bleachers making a poopie.

    That was my prediction of tomorrow’s ongoing Sterogum infatuation with Bleachers.

  13. Word Crimes is the best song of the bunch so far, though. That’s a real piece of genius right there.

  14. I think you can easily make a case for any of them being the best. The severe left turn in “Foil” is so weird. It really is great to see Al making his presence felt in the minds of America again. I would’ve put my money on having seen the last of him. I’m really glad I’m really wrong. Al is kick ass and an actual American treasure.

  15. i’d screw blonde weird al.

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