St. Vincent on Letterman

Two nights ago, St. Vincent gave a pretty incredible hour-long performance on the Live With Letterman webcast, but her appearance for the proper Letterman show didn’t air until last night. Clark gave a generally brain-shattering performance of “Bring Me Your Loves,” from the recent St. Vincent self-titled album, complete with stiff robotic choreography and casually badass guitar-shredding. Letterman’s reaction: “That was cool.” He’s not wrong. Watch it below.

St. Vincent is out now on Loma Vista.

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  1. I love the hell out of Letterman. You can tell he relishes every icy, strange moment he creates.

  2. I love Annie Clark.. But I really didn’t expect her to absolutely dominate this year like she has. What a star.

  3. destroyed last night at merriweather post pavilion! st. vincent and QOTSA – best bill ever

  4. Yes, semaphore. Letterman’s the best.

  5. I just worry that with shoes like those even the most robotic of dance moves are liable to cause a high ankle sprain. Annie Clark: laying her ankles on the line for art.

  6. Ha, Annie didn’t seem to quite get the Semaphore joke in the moment, the keyboardist did.

  7. That band needs a bass player!

  8. Who else has an absolutely giant crush on Annie.

  9. I can’t get over the hair. Why does the hair have to be grey? I wish she would dye it turquoise or something, anything but bloodless grey.

  10. So glad they’re doing this song now. I never really liked Digital Witness as their go to live song off the album. It always felt kinda flat. This song has an appropriately high amount of Annie Clarke shredding though, which is always a good thing.

  11. Do really simple choreography during a rock song: Melt indie blogger brains.

    Good album though.

  12. Love her glare. Not sure if she didn’t get it or if she’s just like ‘…fuck you’

  13. They all deserve a freshly cooked corndog.

  14. Casual, badass guitar shredding? Found the casual, but failed to find anything else. This shit is like diet Jack White.

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