God Help The Girl

Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch recently wrote, directed, and scored a movie-musical version of God Help The Girl, the solo project he released in 2009, and that movie is coming very soon. We’ve already heard actress Emily Browning’s take on the title track, with Belle & Sebastian backing her, and now a short trailer for the movie has made its way to the internet. This probably won’t be a surprise, but the whole thing looks very Wes Anderson. It also looks like a lot of fun, and I’m guessing that many of us are about to develop crippling crushes on Emily Browning. Check out the trailer below.

In North America, God Help The Girl is in theaters and on demand 9/5, and the soundtrack is out 9/2 on Milan.

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  1. Complete with two Michaels from We Are The Physics!

  2. It looks like Belle and Sebastian in movie form, which means I will see it the second it comes out.

    Also, good to see Gilly escaped Castle Black.

  3. Stuart could fart in a cup and I’d be interested.

    Yup. I’m that dumb.

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