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Shut Up, Dude is coming a little early today because I’m at Forecastle (aka the Pitchfork Festival of Kentucky). It’s got OutKast, the Replacements, Slint, and plenty of bands that aren’t just reuniting for the money like Beck, Jack White, Sun Kil Moon, Spoon, Action Bronson, and Sharon Van Etten. Follow Stereogum on Instagram for behind-the-scenes stuff. Anyway, it was Weird Al’s week, but let’s read a bunch of comments about Conor Oberst…


#10 Scott Lapatine | Jul 14th Score:22

You’re not making sense.

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#9 Gelth | Jul 14th Score:23

i’m really glad this happened. i honestly hope she’s made an example of. just like rape is an awful thing, accusing people of it for your own gain, whatever that gain may be, is awful as well.

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#8 dvx_dvx | Jul 14th Score:24

It’s disgusting how many people are stating (not insinuating, stating, as if they actually knew) that he paid her off. I mean, there’s no evidence of the act, there’s testimonies of people who know the woman and say she’s got a history of lying, and people still won’t give up the witch hunt. Some girl in Pitch4k said something along the lines of “I always believe the victim”, completely ignoring that, for all the legal system knows, Conor is the victim here. Kinda scary when you think about it, not only do rape accusations hover above men’s heads like a menacing cloud all the time, but it also does no good to potential victims.

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Andrew Burr | Jul 14th Score:24

I don’t think anyone’s saying or thinking that.

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#6 sdnabors | Jul 14th Score:25

Is it possible to not like Weird Al?

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#5 mybody | Jul 14th Score:25

You plagiarized a blog comment?

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#4 marko | Jul 14th Score:33

Fuck her.

No wait, that came out wrong.

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#3 Max the King of All Wild Things | Jul 17th Score:35

Matthew McConaughey continues his streak of taking on surprising, challenging roles.

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Jared McNett | Jul 14th Score:39

This is a tremendously sad story for so many reasons now.

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#1 LeMonjello | Jul 14th Score:59

Glad the allegations turned out to be false, but incredibly sad and frustrating that the allegations were made at all, what a destructive force for actual victims of rape.

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#5 lukin42 | Jul 13th Score:-13

When is Greenwood going to kick those other assholes out of the band and make some real music?

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Tom Jones | Jul 14th Score:-13

Im all for investigating claims. That girl is allowed to say what she wants. And post what she wants. But, if you are Stereogum or a serious news site, you can’t then post it as “verified news”.

It was a goddamn anon post on a site. Im sorry, Im not gonna go demand Conors head on a spike because some girl posted anonymously on a site.

And I’m certainly not gonna post it as news. It was a rumor. And anyone who posted it as fact shares blame in this.

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Tom Jones | Jul 14th Score:-13

next time, I think you and Stereogum as a whole, should wait. Wait until something other than an INTERNET COMMENTATOR on a website accuses someone.

If more evidence had appeared, like photos of conor with the girl and tickets and all that. Then fine. Post it. Post it as a developing story.

But to post it like you did, based on AN INTERNET COMMENT!

Give me a break. There was no basis in fact to her story from the word go.

Don’t post gossip or rumor as news. Especially not in this case

Conor was dropped by a label because Stereogum was irresponsible. Thats not ethical or moral and certainly isn’t fair.

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Tom Jones | Jul 14th Score:-15

But, it was a baseless rumor. On a website. The charge of rape is serious and had he been guilty, I would have been for him being punished, obviously

But lets not act like this came from a legitimate source. This was obvious bunk from the start. And shame on Stereogum and P4k and anyone else who reported it as “news”

Look on any message board right now. You dont think people say the same thing about every indie star you guys cover?

You all owe, as fans and loyal readers of this site(I’ve been here since 2007), and especially Conor an apology.

You dont post rumors as fact on a site. period.

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Tom Jones | Jul 14th Score:-16

how is it a happy ending? He was dropped from his label and will forever carry the scarlet letter of being “an accused rapist”. you know damn well people will always look at him different now.

In response to Nathan up thread here, I agree with you as well in terms of most of your post but Mr Lapatine and the rest of the Stereogum editors owe all of us and most importantly Conor an apology.

You can’t post baseless rumors on a site. Thats wrong and its against the law.

If you have a website and are a legitimate news source, and Stereogum is, you need to be WAY more scrupulous and actually do due diligence.

Mr Lapatine runs a great site, but he contributed to the spreading of a goddamn lie about someone. And that someone suffered by getting dropped by their label.

The posting of that rumor had huge consequences. And Stereogum needs to own up to their part of it. The girl owned up to hers.

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Dick Litman | Jul 12th Score:12

OH I totally forgot to mention this story earlier…on July 4th I was at a family party type thing, and I met this guy. He was wearing a My Morning Jacket shirt, so naturally we began talking. Everything was going smoothly, conversation-wise and all, and then we started talking about going to shows. He told me he LOVED going to shows, and I said ME TOO. And so I asked him if he’s seen anyone recently, and he said he saw a band a couple of weeks ago. So I asked who?! AND HE SAID 311 AND I NEARLY LOST MY SHIT. But because I have decent party manners, I smiled, nodded my head, and said “wow that must have been a great show.”

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  1. I’m just surprised that a post I made that probably got as low as a -7 score ended up getting to 33.

    • your little re-post under your initial post tugged at our laughstrings.

      • I was the one to reply because it actually made me lol, and I got kind of upset that such a good quip was getting hate. I’d loathe to live in a society with no offensive humor; I don’t like when people get all vainilla and touchy about shit, which seems to be the case more and more these days. And for the record, it was at -11 when I saw it.

        • Yeah, I wouldn’t have done that on my own, in fact I was even starting to second guess if my comment was in too poor of taste.

    • I actually saw it at -10.

  2. The week, in short: Rape, Weird Al, Rape, Weird Al, Rape, Radiohead, 311. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  3. Not exactly how I hoped my first top rated comment would be.

  4. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  5. “but let’s read a bunch of comments about Conor Oberst…”

    lol whatever man y’all are the ones who kept posting shit about it

    Anyway, Lauryn Hill just played a show here in Memphis. I didn’t go because I’m broke and I also totally predicted this would happen, but my folks on the inside said she was three hours late to start and also was terrible. Bummer. Anyone seen her on this tour and have something different to report?

    • I was not fortunate enough to make it up to the Electric Forest this year but I’m now kicking myself that I didn’t get to see “The Ms. Lauryn Hill Incident.” I know most people on here are allergic to jam bands but I myself would have loved to see SCI and Ms. Hill play a set together, and from what I read it was a pretty awesome show! That being said, I kind of expected her to flake on the whole thing considering the example you gave and her recent history of late starts.

  6. Finally remembered my login info and have so much to catch up on.

    Did we like the Braid album? I kind of liked the Braid album but mostly the parts that Bob Nanna sang.

    Where’s _?

    I just listened to Spiritualized for the first time this week and I have no one to share this unbelievable, earth-shattering moment with because everyone had this moment in ’97 or whatever but I am here to tell you I listened to Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space and that shit fucking rules supremely.

    • I’ll share it with you! What a great moment in your life! I was supremely late to Spiritualized (2008) and had a very similar reaction. Namely, “WHY DID IT TAKE ME THIS LONG TO HEAR THIS MASTERPIECE!”

      I was so affected by it, I ponied up the dough to see them play the whole thing in its entirety in London. Totally worth it, as seeing that album performed by a 37-piece band is how it should be done.

      “Cop Shoot Cop…” is one of the greatest last tracks of all time. I highly recommend “Pure Phase” next. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. But Ladies and Gentlemen is still a great definition of required listening.

  7. I’m finally starting to listen to The New Pornographers, because for some fucking reason they slipped under my radar all these years. Starting with the first album. So far they rule.

  8. Unpopular comment trend, but 311 was a pretty kick ass band when you were 13 in the 90s…. they like swore and stuff… still have a soft spot for them

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