Sleep are best known for Dopesmoker, the unfuckwithable 63-minute album/song that acts as arguably the greatest tribute to weed that metal has produced since “Sweet Leaf.” (I say arguably because Electric Wizard’s Dopethrone is up there, too.) They haven’t really done much since then, as the band’s members split off into prolific acts such as Om and High On Fire, but Sleep have toured recently on the back of the definitive remaster of Dopesmoker that Southern Lord put out a few years back, and now they’ve released a new song for the Adult Swim singles series. “The Clarity” is nearly 10 minutes of mystical, slow-riffing awesomeness. Listen to it below and keep an eye out for the download next week.

(Via NPR)

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  1. Miles,

    I’ve recently gotten back into metal after a 25 year hiatus. High on Fire are easily my favorite of the newer bands I’ve heard out there. That being said I’ve been thinking about grabbing that Dopesmoker opus. Is it really as badass as I continually hear that it is? Seriously asking here……

  2. Absolutely.

  3. Yes. I would also add Boris’s first and second records to the list if you enjoy Dopesmoker. (absolutego +amplifier worship)

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