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Abel Tesfaye, better known as the Weeknd, dropped a new album, Kiss Land, last year, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting out more new music this year. In June we heard “Often,” and now he’s shared “King Of The Fall,” a maximalist bit of R&B built over a bed of synths that shift from pretty to queasy with complete ease. That’s the cover art above, which features Sky Ferreira, though she doesn’t appear on the song (though perhaps we’ll hear something from the two of them later on?). Listen and download it below.

Kiss Land is out now via Republic.

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  1. One of the better post Trilogy songs. Can’t remember an artist that just fell off as quickly as The Weeknd in terms of quality. House of Balloons is still enjoyable and masterful as are parts of Thursday and Echo of Silence, but it is like we’ve heard the best from him already and the sound/vibe/song/persona shtick is getting old.

    Still can sing like no tomorrow though.

    • I think he’s got a lot of material left in him. He’s carved his lane and will continue to provide us with great content. Unfortunately in the confines of modern R&B, there’s not much room to reinvent the wheel and he’s already done so much to circumvent its conventions.

  2. This guy always has such wonderful, wonderful sounds and beats on his releases, but his lyrics are just fucking cringe-inducing. The whole sex-and-drugs thing starts to get silly over the course of House of Balloons, let alone his entire discography. Now that he’s gone full-on “bitches and paper” on us, things are just getting worse. Shame, instrumentally this is the best thing he’s done since the original mixtape trilogy.

    • That’s part of his appeal IMO. Things got downright grim and horrifying on the Trilogy at times. Kiss Land was relatively mild. Now he’s kicking it back up to the territory we heard on tracks like “Initiation”, “The Party and the Afterparty” and “Outside.”

      • Haha, funny you should say that: I actually thought the lyrics on Kiss Land (on songs such as Professional, Adaption, and Wanderlust) were his best. There was more to them than just bravado and shock value, even though they were whiny as hell. I just hated the music and production on most of that album.

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