Lorde’s “Tennis Court” already had a bass-heavy weight to it, and now Diplo has only added more in his “Andre Agassi Remix,” named for the all-time great tennis player and released with a photo of Agassi as artwork. Whether Diplo is implying it is he or Lorde who is on an Agassi-level in music isn’t really clear, but it’s a remix that doesn’t mess with the song too much, simply amplifying the track’s already present strengths. Listen below.

In other news Lorde will be touring with Majical Cloudz later this year.

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  1. I’m not sure if the track or the butchering of a tennis legend’s name is more offensive.

  2. Though I’ve never been the type that cares to comment my thoughts on anything via the internet, whether it be positive or negative, Stereogum has FINALLY made me cave. Shit I even had to make an account just to comment, but I couldn’t resist expressing what I think almost EVERY TIME I read what your seemingly undeserving writers have to say regarding the music featured. As always, this article is terrible but this particular quote, “Whether Diplo is implying it is he or Lorde who is on an Agassi-level in music isn’t really clear”, is a perfect example of the sheer stupidity that your journalists possess. It isn’t “clear” because you might possibly be the only human being dumb enough to think that Diplo named his rework “Tennis Courts (Diplo’s Andrew Agassi Remix)” to imply that either of their talents are comparable to that of the “TENNIS” legend Andre Agassi. Again, “TENNIS” legend, Andre Agassi.. TENNIS. That is all.

    • No one’s forcing you to read Stereogum.

    • Half of that didn’t even make sense. You could’ve just told him/her to keep his/her opinions to themselves instead of going on into why they were “stupid” or whatever you said, because having an opinion is clearly not stupid, if I’ve understood what you’ve written correctly.

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