Earlier today, Spoon released a video for new album track “Do You,” and now, only a few hours later, they drop a new single: “Inside Out.” It’s a luxuriant slow-burner with a sweet harp (!) solo, and you should listen.

Spoon’s new album, They Want My Soul, is out 8/5 on Loma Vista.

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  1. well that was great

  2. They couldn’t make a bad song if they tried. By this point it may actually be more of a challenge for them to make a bad song than a good one. To summarize: they’re great and I love them.

    • The consistency is impressive for sure.

      So is the fact that Spoon is 8 albums / 2 decades deep and hey here is a gorgeous fucking Spoon song that sounds like no other Spoon song but also entirely/exclusively like a Spoon song.

      • I’m hard-pressed to think of any other bands that formed (and released at least one LP) in the ’90′s and are still around today still making music THIS good for this long. In fact I can’t think of any others. That’s why Spoon is #1.

    • No one’s better at keeping it simple. This is a beautiful song!

  3. So glad this is out there in the world now!

    It’s the B-side on the promo 10″ they gave to record stores. I love “Do You” and “Rent I Pay” but the look on my face when I heard “Inside Out” had to of been priceless. The fact this is going to be the 2nd track on the album reminds me of “The Ghost of You Lingers” placement on Ga x5. This can only be a good thing.

    “Inside Out” has ramped my excitement up for “They Want My Soul” 100%

  4. jesus this album is going to be amazing

  5. Being at work is dumb.

  6. This song is amazing. It sounds like a rap beat?? And they pull it off with gusto.

    • When Britt & Jim were interviewed on All Songs, they talked about how they wanted to make or were inspired by a Dr. Dre beat. Job well done I’d say.

      Like all the comments here say: great fucking song, TWMS excitement through the roof. Unreal how they just continue to make great music every couple of years. Goddamn. THAT HARP SOLO CHRIST.

  7. Spoon is in my top 10 bands of all time, no question. I can’t freaking wait for this thing.

  8. I was going to not listen to any of the tracks until I had the whole album, but after listening to some Divine Fits I just couldn’t wait to get some new Britt Daniel so I figured I’d give this a once through to see what to expect.
    Holy shit.
    This is incredible.

  9. Fuck yes. Didn’t think Spoon was going to deliver something like this, especially following the first two tracks promoted. So glad they did.

  10. I love it when Spoon gets introspective and gives us some slow burners. This is definitely up there with Vittorio E, Black Like Me, and Out Go the Lights as some of their best slower material.

  11. I thought my screen was broken at first… now I think my brain is broken. such a deep trance.

  12. Awesome track; upon hearing the strings intro did anyone else feel an urge to break into ‘The Simpssssooooonnnnssss’?

  13. Love it. Goddamn, guys.

    Also, the descending synth line around 4:02 sounds like something out of a Future Islands song. This is a good thing.

  14. Damn, this things gonna be out in less than 2 weeks. That just hit me. Hey NPR, hook sum bruthas up and give us a First Listen next week.

  15. Annnnnnd thank you Spoon for justifying, yet again, my spending $75 on the one day you perform at Boston Calling.

  16. Spoonpire Weekend

    • I read that just yesterday! It’s funny how those are all my favorite Spoon songs. Really shows an artistic awareness from Daniel that a lot of other musicians apparently lack. “The Ghost of You Lingers” was such a jolt for me when I first heard Ga(x5). It was like nothing I had ever heard of. I’m glad he fills similarly towards “Inside Out”. It is one of the most gorgeous songs they’ve made (up there with “Black Like Me” and “I Summon You” to these ears). So glad they’re back and at the top of their game.

      And was I imagining this, or was They Want My Soul in “Heavy Rotation” earlier but then removed? If someone on the ‘gum staff has heard this thing, spill some details! Please and thank you.

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