Ted Danson in Mistaken For Strangers

Tom Berninger, the younger brother of the National frontman Matt, made the tour documentary Mistaken For Strangers about what it’s like to be an underling for his way-more-famous older brother’s band. And now, someone’s turning that movie into a Broadway musical — or, at the very least, they’ve made a Funny Or Die video out of the idea of turning that movie into a Broadway musical. In the video below, we see what might happen if someone actually attempted that ridiculous stunt, with Zach Galifianakis as his real-life doppelganger Tom Berninger and Galifianakis’ Bored To Death co-star Ted Danson as Matt. The best part of the video comes when Matt gives Danson advice on how to do that whole precarious walking-over-the-crowd thing that he does at so many shows. Watch the video below.

A version of Mistaken For Strangers with a whole lot of bonus footage is out now at iTunes and on DVD.

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  1. Nitpick that no-one cares about, or should care about: Play, not Broadway musical.

  2. Actually, it was Bored to Death in which they co-stared not Better Off Dead.

  3. love ted damson..

  4. Much like The National… I don’t get it. Maybe the least funny thing I’ve ever seen Galifianakis do, and I’m a pretty huge fan of his work.

    • I quite like the national, but this was very lite on the humour. I felt like the barely did anything with this spoof at all, besides just read some lines.

  5. Watched “Mistaken for Strangers” last night and I LOVED IT.

    Matt’s brother Tom is the perfect proxy for the casual, everyday fan. Unprofessional, honest and a bit clumsy. It’s very awkward at times because part of you sides with the band and the whole, “Turn the camera off!” But there in lies the beauty, that Tom’s capturing these very candid, very REAL moments backstage.

    It boils down to the beautiful relationship Matt & Tom have with each other. The ending tugs at the heart strings. Then you realize Tom’s Underdog story is kind of similar to The Nationals story.

    Worth the 4 bucks it cost to rent for sure.

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