Nardwuar Got Yung Lean To Smile

Yung Lean — internet-beloved #sadboy, bucket-hat wearer, Arizona Iced Tea enthusiast, and teenaged Swedish rapper — has now joined the hallowed ranks of artists interviewed by Nardwuar The Human Serviette. Although a recent New Yorker profile insisted that Yung Lean and the Sad Boys self-consciously try to keep up melancholic appearances, Nardwuar manages to make them all crack up within the first minute of the interview (by singing happy birthday in Swedish, in case you were wondering). Maybe Yung Lean’s crushing emotional despair is no match for Nardwuar’s ridiculousness, or maybe he was just in a good mood because it was his 18th birthday. Either way, it’s a fun interview, and you can watch it below.

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  1. I on the other hand just listened to Yung Lean for the first time. He did not get me to smile.


  3. Every now and again I read something that makes me feel very old…

    “Nardwuar Got Yung Lean To Smile”

    Is a perfect example. I do not know what any of that mess is.

    • Actually, if you can’t get into rap but like Lykke Li, Yung Lean would actually be a good place to start. You might like Buildings, Bladee City (actually a Bladee track), and Plastic Boy on his SoundCloud. Check it out, there’s some beautiful otherwordly melody. Definitely a big Panda Bear influence.

      Oh yeah, the joke is they call themselves SadBoys cus they make slow, downbeat music and Lean’s lyrics sometimes hilariously fuse surrealism with dark emotions. So him smiling is unexpected. Their whole image is based on darkness, which people here like to dis (i.e. The Weeknd after a couple months).

      Just don’t wanna see another one of those comments…;)

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