Last month, Rustie released the first single from Green Language, the very long-awaited follow up to his just about perfect debut, Glass Swords. One of the big surprises was that nearly half the album’s tracklist had vocalists listed, something that’s a major (and somewhat risky) move for the Scottish producer. The most exciting of those vocalists, though, comes right in the center of the album, courtesy of Danny Brown, which makes sense when you consider that Rustie produced some of the best songs on the energetic second half of Old. That song, titled “Attak,” is now available, and finds both producer and rapper at their most aggressive. Listen below.

Green Language is out 8/26 via Warp.

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  1. Excellent, but I really hope the trap influences on this album aren’t as prominent as the first two tracks would seem to indicate. Rustie has so much more to offer from a composition/arrangement perspective.

    • Don’t hear much trap here. never heard Jeezy like this…

    • That’s been my concern as well. A ton of electronic artists have been pushing and stretching the extent of trap’s sound for quite awhile now and I would personally be a bit let down to see Rustie’s return in form to be similar/comparable to what everyone else has been doing since he’s been absent. Rustie has undoubtedly set the tone for an entire scene of producers/copycats since Glass Swords, a lot of whom have drawn from his trademark aesthetic with incredible competence, save some of the masterful sound mixing techniques, so there’s a lot of eyes and expectations with his next step.

      Iunno. Maybe I’m just being a little too greedy in wanting him to shake up the game again with this album.

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