Adult Jazz - Gist Is

The Leeds Band To Watch Adult Jazz specialize in a way-out art-pop sprawl, like Dirty Projectors if they were even less tethered to earth, or like Talk Talk if they’d spent some time on the warehouse weird-pop DIY circuit. The nine songs of the band’s debut album Gist Is sprawl across 51 minutes, and we’ve already posted many of them: “Am Gone,” “Spook,” and “Hum,” as well as the striking and memorable videos for “Springful” and “Idiot Mantra.” And right now, you can stream the entire giddy, ambitious album at NPR.

Gist Is is out 8/4 on Spare Thought.

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  1. These guys are definitely the best band I’ve discovered so far this year. Thanks for all the great coverage of them!

  2. These guys definitely don’t outweird Dirty Projectors. It’s definitely got weird elements, but overall I’d say this is pretty safe music. These guys are sure to explode the way Alt-J did 2 years ago, or like Local Natives before them. That said this album is really great.

  3. looks like they miiiight have stolen their artwork from Moderat?

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