DMX Sling Shot

Last we heard from DMX, the legendarily loud and volatile rapper was wisely backing out of a celebrity boxing match against George Zimmerman that would have made a mockery of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. It seems our old friend Earl Simmons has moved on to appreciating life’s lighter side since then. A new TMZ video shows DMX losing his mind (up in here) on an Orlando amusement park ride called the Sling Shot. If you’re like me, you will laugh hysterically at the sound of Simmons yelling and barking as if he just stepped into the vocal booth. He should record a whole album under these circumstances. I don’t think I can adequately express how wonderful this footage is, so see for yourself below.

(via Vulture)

That’s how Ruff Ryders slingshot.

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  1. It was nice of the amusement park management staff to give DMX an extended lunch break.

  2. Every jackass “C” level celebrity seems to get a talk show, reality show, etc. Why on EARTH is there not a camera following this man around 24-7? He’s a national Treasbarrassment.

  3. When/where isn’t DMX yelling?

  4. He asks the guy next to him where he’s from like he doesn’t know him. How amazeballs would it be to get on a ride and be randomly sitting next to a barking DMX?

  5. this really is priceless footage

  6. Where the barf/ where the barf/ where the barf bag?!

  7. Thanks for that, mate. Dark Man X could rip Death Grips to ish, he shoulda collaborated with him.

  8. SOMEONE, please make that into one of those synthy autotune songs… up in here… up in here…

  9. “We did that, we did that shit. G’s up. We did that. We did that shit. Stone cold ice face. Ice grills. Like we wasn’t scared. … oh shit there’s a camera right there… ” baahahahaaa

    Funny he grabbed his chain, because I was thinking, “X, you gonna lose that chain, homie!”

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