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I became a homeowner recently in a neighborhood that could be described as quasi-suburban, and whether painting the interior or cooking my wife a birthday dinner I’ve found Real Estate’s Atlas to be as fitting a soundtrack for domestic bliss as my review originally surmised. Opening track “Had To Hear,” though, is about being on the road and feeling frustratingly disconnected from that home life. In honor of the song’s impending release as a 7-inch single, director Richard Law has assembled a video of Real Estate traipsing around various Mexico City sites on tour and having what looks like fun. The clip’s good-time vibe cuts slightly against the song’s sentiments, but whatever, any excuse to listen to “Had To Hear” again is a good one. Watch below.

The “Had To Hear” 7-inch is out 8/26 on Domino in a limited run of 500 on orange vinyl. The B-side is a cover of the Nerves’ “Paper Dolls.” Pre-order it here. Check out the artwork:

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  1. They put on a great show in Lawrence a couple months ago. One of the best live bands I’ve seen in awhile.

    • totally agree and they’ve been touring like mad. At the end of August it will be the third time I’ve had the fortune of seeing them live and I can’t help get that warm feeling inside since I’ve seen them succeed and grow as a band. I remember when Days came out and how much it defined a sound for me and now with Atlas they’ve roped in all the people who missed out on their previous records. One of the few bands I would go out of my way to see live

  2. It’s been hard to determine which Atlas track is my favorite. There’s “Crime,” “The Bend,” “Navigator,” “Primitive,” “Talking Backwards”… but I think I have to go with “Had to Hear.” So good.

  3. they always have great single artwork…actually the albums too.

  4. i’d be so pumped to be that guy in the crowd doing the air drums

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