Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Hypnotic Eye

Into The Great Wide Open peaked at #13. Wildflowers made it to #8. Full Moon Fever, one of the most iconic rock albums of its day, stalled out at #3. Damn The Torpedoes was stuck at #2 for seven weeks in 1979, unable to overcome Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Even 1993′s Greatest Hits collection, an album that just about everyone owned, only made it to #5. Somehow, in a career that’s lasted nearly four decades, Tom Petty has never had a #1 album, but that’s about to change. That headline up there is a bit harsh; Tom Petty is incapable of writing a bad song, and Hypnotic Eye, Petty’s new album with his Heartbreakers, has its moments. But Hypnotic Eye is never going to be anyone’s favorite Tom Petty album. It is, however, going to be his first #1. Billboard projects that the album could sell as many as 100,000 copies in its first week. Barring something crazy happening, that’ll be good enough to land at the top of next week’s charts. (If you really want Shabazz Palaces to get recognition, Stereogum comments section, buy every copy of Lese Majesty in existence and see if you can’t snatch that #1 spot away.)

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  2. “(If you really want Shabazz Palaces to get recognition, Stereogum comments section, buy every copy of Lese Majesty in existence and see if you can’t snatch that #1 spot away.)”

    Really? Really Tom?

    I realize this is a tossed-off attempt at humor, but seeing as how this site has been adjusting its course on something more and more parallel to Billboard makes that line really, really gross.

    It grossed me out so much, I went to Billboard. Wanna know what’s considered the best “Hip-Hop” song according to Billboard? Motherfucking Fancy. Still.

    FWIW, Sub Pop tweeted back at me after I thanked them for getting my pre-order of “Lese Majesty” in the Friday before its release. They said they were glad it got there because, “there are A LOT of them going out.” People are buying it, but to imply Stereogum can’t even recognize Shabazz Palaces because they haven’t cracked the Billboard charts is vomit inducing.

    As a self-proclaimed hip-hop fan, I’m SUPER curious as to why you, Tom, feel it doesn’t deserve recognition.

    • Man I’m just fucking with you. Lese Majesty is a fine piece of arty rap splurge, but I don’t love it the way so many of y’all do. And I can’t get my mind around the idea that it’s better than a sparkling, insightful, gorgeously recorded Jenny Lewis album.

      • jenny lewis’ tunes are fucking boring

      • Because somehow, other white people actually like rap and can recognize its merits while simultaneously recognizing that Jenny Lewis hit her musical peak 10 years ago despite still having prescient things to say today.

      • I can see where Tom’s coming from.

        The Shabazz album demands time and patience to parse through. It’s pretty much the only thing I’ve listened to since the free stream was made available.

        But I have that luxury. I can see how, if I were critiquing music for a living, there wouldn’t be enough hours in a day to devote that much time understanding any one album. I’d spin it a few times, know it the best I could given the circumstances and then move on. I’d have to move on. It’d be my job to move on. Time and patience are not luxuries the media world affords – and it can affect how people view things (I work in the industry too, BTW).

        And the fact that Shabazz basically makes us WORK to like the album is not necessarily a point in its favour. Not for everyone, anyway. Jenny Lewis’s album is much more immediate. Time’ll tell which is the better album.

    • So THAT’S why I’ve been throwing up all morning…

  3. It’s no Kidz Bop 26, that’s for sure. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  4. Chart position means nothing to quality. That’s like saying McDonalds food is the best because it sells the most. Often the more it sells the more bland and middle-of-the-road it is so that larger amounts of people can consume it. Think about what’s the best Aerosmith song: “Dream On”? “Walk This Way”? “Crazy”? “Love in an Elevator”? “Sweet Emotion”? What’s their only #1 single? The fucking “Armageddon” song.

    • So are you saying that the reason Weird Al had the number 1 album last week is that he’s more bland and middle of the road than Jason Mraz?

  5. It says a lot that the band, Nude Beach, and Ryan Adams have put out two songs that are better Tom Petty songs than anything on Petty’s new album.

  6. So Petty’s comments on EDM really got on your nerves didn’t it ?

  7. I’m listening to the Petty album for the first time right now – I’d say it’s pretty good.

    Still need way more time with Lese Majesty to really make any meaningful statements about it, but I’m not blown away by it by any means yet. My excitement for that is all still based on Black Up for the moment.

  8. I’ve lurked this site for damn near a decade. I made an account just to comment on this bullshit article title. I love modern music. I prefer artists from the 2Ks over older music any day, but to go out of your way to talk shit about Petty is fucking frustrating (and a good album at that). I don’t pay attention to who writes what. The jackassed idiot that titled this article is the reason that people dislike music lovers such as ourselves.

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