2 Dead, 20 Hospitalized After Mad Decent Block Party

Baltimore’s WMAR reports that two attendees of Mad Decent Block Party at Merriweather Post Pavilion have died from what is believed to be drug-related issues. On Friday night, Tyler Viscardi, 20, was pronounced dead and the same night, a 17-year-old was brought to the hospital suffering from a drug overdose and died on Sunday night. Throughout the concert, which took place all day Friday, police sent 20 people to the hospital (mostly for drug-related problems), issued 50 citations for underage drinking, and made three arrests. Mad Decent, festival organizer Diplo, and Merriweather Post Pavilion operator Seth Hurwitz have all offered statements on the weekend’s events, which you can read below.

Seth Hurwitz:

Our hearts go out to the family as they face the unimaginable. As a parent, it makes me horribly sad beyond words to think of a tragedy like this. We can spend every minute of the day making perfect sense to our children regarding the obvious perils of drugs, but sometimes it is impossible to convince them that this is relevant to their world. Youth feel invulnerable. Some refuse to believe they could be affected.

This drug epidemic is no longer confined to specific demographics, or time of day, or geography, or lifestyle. It’s just everywhere and, and unfortunately, this generation of teens and 20-somethings has not learned this lesson yet. It’s just heartbreaking. This particular type of incident is not the problem of those who should have known better…it’s the problem of those too young to believe it could happen to them. Sadly we find ourselves in the classic position of trying to tell kids not to do something they think is fun.

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  1. Oh good… they sent out a Tweet, that makes things all better…

  2. its such a tragedy. and the fact that diplos tweet is the same wording shows it was most likely written by someone else. which is bs. peoples lives are more valuable than this, and not nearly enough effort is put into keeping drugs out of these festivals. at bonnaroo this year they didnt even look in bags.

  3. Just shut the hell up people. Diplo doesn’t sell drugs or throw parties so people can sell and do drugs at them. He plays music, pure and simple. Everyone who decides to party and do drugs (and do too many) is taking their lives into their own hands. This is neither negligent of Diplo nor caused by.

    Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza wave you right in, never check your bags. I don’t recall hearing any news about people dying. Coachella is mega strict and they search your car and your bags and people get in with just as many drugs and still negative news are minimal.

    This was a bunch of stupid kids probably taking bad shit or too much bad shit because it was cut or weak so they wound up unintentionally doing too much of whatever adulterants were mixed in resulting in OD’s and deaths. It’s sad and it’s unfortunate but the only people responsible are those who decided to do drugs in the first place.

  4. Diplo didn’t die and I’m pretty sure he does drugs. Drug education perhaps? OWWWOOOOOOOO!

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