JJ - V

The Swedish duo jj used to be an interesting group, one who played around with big pop and rap signifiers but filtered them through a drugged-up amateurish Scandinavian aesthetic. With their new album V, though, JJ (capital letters now) have stopped playing around with pop music and started making it, and somewhere along the line, they’ve become really good rather than just interesting. The new album flexes huge melodies and big feelings, and every song feels like a finely sculpted top-40 single in a more hazed-out reality than the one we currently occupy. We’ve posted the early singles “All White Everything” and “Dean & Me,” and they’re both pretty great. I’m happy to report that the whole album is just as great and that you can now hear the whole thing for yourself at NPR.

V is out 8/19 on Sincerely Yours/Secretly Canadian.

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  1. I just.. umm… really like this

  2. I was really scared that this album was going to be awful. Luckily it’s the opposite. Still digesting it and trying not to compare it too much to the old iterations of jj (of which there are many through all of their eps and singles), but this is pretty great. Thanks JJ.

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