Cows Love Lorde

Everyone seems to be enamored with 17-year-old wunderkind Lorde, both humans and bovines alike. Farmer Derek Klingenberg, who has amassed a decent Facebook following for doing this sort of thing before, sits down in an empty field and begins to play a somber version of “Royals” on his trombone. Nothing happens for a good minute, but soon you begin to see cattle dot the horizon. They approach slowly at first, timid but curious about their serenader. By the end, they’re practically running towards the source of the tune and, dare I say, dancing along just a little bit. It’s an oddity in the viral video world in that nothing really happens, but it’s all worth it for that final few seconds of a full audience of cows looking on at the trombone player, mooing and begging for an encore. Perhaps this was another #myspacesecretshow?

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  1. Very zen–would make a nice screensaver.

  2. Hypnotizing…viral video art.

  3. The end is the best, when they all “Eahhhhhhh” at the same time. Gotta get a sample and use it as the “Uh’s” in a rap track.

    • It would be so Lee Perry of me.

      • Honestly, this current downvote is hilarious as is my current reaction and need to type this. Reflecting Perry’s seminal, incredibly forward thinking and great-to-listen-to farm animal samples on his early Black Ark recordings, my followup comment was based in pure musical knowledge and joy. Regarding the downvote, oy bluff yoself mate.

        When typing followup comment: imagine dude coming along, getting it, upvoting, being pumped on positive elevated discourse that isn’t self consciously cutesy and corporate, goin out for long run or some other badass endeavor.

        Now: imagine dude coming along, frowning at how my followup comment didn’t incorporate any forcefed pop artists, look-at-angry-you-are GIFs, or corporate product puns, downvoting, proceeding to the This Week In Pop column, frowning at Lorde’s exclusion, typing “Lorde” into Stereogum search, combing thru few articles, typing “Lorde fashionplate” into search bar, clicking Google to display “news” results, reading.

        • Now/when typing followup folluwp comment: OMG!? That backfired??! Where my upvotes at!

          We are so #meta around here!! #BreakFree #I’vebeenstraigtSlayer-ingitlately!!!

  4. Unfortunately for the cows, the only “royal” they’ll be is a Royale with Cheese.

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