Spoon On The Tonight Show 8/4/13

Not too many bands can play on a Tonight Show stage and make it look like they’re killing time on a random Monday night, but Spoon are one of the few. Today, the band’s very good new album They Want My Soul finally comes out, and last night, the band was on Jimmy Fallon’s show (the 100th episode), playing the sticky, breezy early single “Do You.” Britt Daniel wore all white while the rest of the band wore all black, which made for a pretty cool color scheme. But otherwise, it was business as usual for these guys, who remain as professionally kickass as ever. Watch the performance below.

They Want My Soul is out now on Loma Vista.

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  1. Bitchin’.

  2. (indie) song of the fall

  3. Such a killer tune.

  4. I love this song, I love this album…Britt Daniel could sing me a recipe for meatloaf and it would be awesome Huzzah! So happy to have this in the fall rotation!

  5. I love this song. Someone needs to mash it up with Beck’s Deadweight for a dooo-dooo masterpiece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vptfm9D6owo

  6. I like Spoon but I don’t understand why so many people love this song. Listened a few times, but maybe I should listen some more…

    • give it a few listens, and then feel yourself get way too emotional at the line, “do you wanna get understood?”

      or not, i mean, do you, right?

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