Tweedy, the duo of Wilco leader Jeff Tweedy and his drumming son Spencer, are still a month and a half away from releasing Sukierae, their first album together, and they’ve already shared a pile of its songs: “I’ll Sing It,” “Summer Noon,” “Wait For Love,” “Diamond Light Pt. 1,” “Fake Fur Coat,” “Low Key.” And now here’s another one! “High As Hello” is a breezy rocker with some prettily noodly guitar work and some interestingly weird drum fills from Spencer. The band recently played a live version of it for NPR’s cameras in a tunnel underneath the Newport Folk Festival. Below, listen to the studio version and watch that taped performance.

(via NPR)

Sukierae is out 9/23 on Wilco’s dBpm label.

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  1. Alright I’ma say it, Jeff Tweedy, go for a jog.

  2. great tune, huge hit in Denver, Spencer Tweedy is an incredible talent and not just as a percussionist, check out his demos on soundcloud

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