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This week’s Shut Up, Dude comes later than usual because I’m at Outside Lands. First day highlights included Run The Jewels, Disclosure, Mikal Cronin, Kacey Musgraves, and Kanye West, though it was pretty tame as far as Yeezus shows go. Yeezy kept insisting the crowd “make some circles” for a mosh pit, though. That was funny. (Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain, btw.) Still to come at this fest: Tom Petty (whose entire catalog — including this week’s #1 album — we just ranked), Spoon (who we saw in a creepy, immersive theater), and the Flaming Lips (whose Sgt. Pepper’s tribute tracklist we uncovered on Monday). Check out some Friday Instagrams from Golden Gate Park below, look for more coverage throughout the weekend, and enjoy the best and worst comments of the week below.



Adam Bernstein | Aug 5th Score:14

Ah, yes, I hate how the airwaves are clogged with hair metal! CHECKS DATE. Er, what are you talking about?

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#8 mickrandom26 | Aug 7th Score:17

You use a Spoon to eat Kix, duh!

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#7 raptor jesus | Aug 5th Score:19


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Howling Wolf | Aug 5th Score:19

Random Stranger: “Hey. For $20 I can make you feel like the dude in the Molly video.”
Random Teenager: (Pulls out $20.)

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#4 Cerebus | Aug 2nd Score:22

GET OFF TWITTER IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO SAY! For fuck’s sake, the entirety of the internet is as real time as Twitter is these days. Write and release an intelligent statement. Enough of this 140 character per post drama game. It reads immature, like passing notes in class.

Police brutality is a real problem that continues to raise its ugly head. Not sure I understand exactly what the men in question were (private security, off duty cops?), but it doesn’t really matter, because the abuse of power is the same. Also, no explanation as to how or why this incident started leaves the story somewhat lacking in clarity. Regardless, if they were assaulted in any way for no reason by security I’m 100% behind their pressing charges and pursuing legal action to the fullest extent of the law. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear about this one.

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#3 scruffy | Aug 5th Score:24


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#2 world_on_a_string | Aug 4th Score:30

“The man who creates himself must also be the man who destroys himself.”

- Somebody said something like that at some point in time, probably

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#1 cheap_suit | Aug 5th Score:32

Why is the DJ so blown away that a white dude who was 21 in 2001 listened to a lot of Eminem?

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#5 cheap_suit | Aug 4th Score:-5

I don’t think Yoshimi has really aged all that well, either. I think people mostly just remember it as an album they loved but don’t actually listen to it much.

Some of the melodies are really transcendent (title track, “Do You Realize”, “Are You a Scientist”) but the lyrics are very hokey (and not endearingly so), while the beat programming is really kind of primitive and starts to sound very samey over the course of an entire LP.

At its worst (basically for the past decade or so), the Lips’ music is a shell game, delivering vague arms-length renditions of concepts such as “fun” and “psychedelia”. But even at their best, their music is usually a pretty-good execution of might’ve-been-great ideas.

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Garrett White | Aug 7th Score:-6

good music is timeless you morons. these garbage ass so called bands you mention won’t make it through the next 10 years. 5 if you’re lucky. these nobody chumps y’all speak so highly of (that nobody else but you idiots have ever even heard of) don’t have a quarter the talent of the “hair bands” musicians have. they should have never been let out of the garage. to bad you were born to late to see what it’s really about. now you’re all just mindless trendy sheep.

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#3 sirrocks | Aug 7th Score:-11

You hit the nail on the head! These lame ass hipsters need to go to a Kix show and see how much fun everyone is having. Then maybe they’ll get it.

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Jen Seal | Aug 6th Score:-12

Right! ;-) Even the worst hair metal songs are better then the hipster garbage these ass clowns are all ranting about. Kix is amazing. Best live band you will ever see!
wth is Spoon? lol.

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Garrett White | Aug 6th Score:-16

you dumb mother fuckers wouldn’t know good music if it slapped you in the face. this album kicks ass. they’ve been around over 25 years. that speaks volumes on it’s own. spoon???? really??? who the fuck are they?? i’ve never heard of 1 damn band any of you have mentioned. very few bands since ’92 have been worth a shit and i bet most of you were still in diapers if you were even born yet. so shit music is all you’ve ever known. ignorance is bliss.

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Wesley Morgan Paraham | Aug 7th Score:5

I’d like to hear their version of “I’m On Fire”, am I right?

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  1. Kix. Spoon. Buckcherry. Garrett White. Twas a good week. OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  2. And my mom says I waste my time on the internet….

  3. cheap_suit’s comment doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom 5, especially since it’s such a well spoken opinion (as opposed to our new saviors Garrett White and his brigade of Spoon haters.

    • I like it when I read a comment like cheap_suit’s, agree with it, and then realize it’s in the bottom 5. It makes me feel like less of a mindless trendy sheep.

      I also like it when someone with multiple comments in the bottom 5 has a Redskins avatar and has never heard of Spoon. It reminds me that people still get lost on the internet.

      • I’m realizing that Stereogum is all about fervent, but selective, positivity. Say something nice, you get an upvote. Say something in any way negative, you get a downvote… unless you say it about Minnie Driver(?!).

        Regardless, Damian Abraham’s deferred 11th grade “weed phase” is still really really embarrassing, you guys.

      • What were those people doing even reading the review in the first place??? How did they find their way here of all places?

  4. One thing I think we can all agree on this week.

    Garrett White… sir…..are Stereogum’s newest superstar. Again, please chime in whenever you want.
    On whatever you want…

    Blochead throws devil horns you way.

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