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Nearly 200 years ago, back when the shoreline dunes of San Francisco were considered uninhabitable, they came to be known as the Outside Lands — terrain fit only for the bravest pioneers. These days that territory is a lot more comfortable: Among other landmarks, it’s become home to Golden Gate Park, an oasis of urban green space that played host to the seventh annual Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival. Stereogum descended upon the fest over the weekend, and let us tell you, this is an immensely pleasant music festival. The climate is comfortably temperate, the map is easy to navigate, and the music schedule is both stacked enough to impress and slim enough to protect you from feeling overwhelmed. Still, schedule conflicts are unavoidable at these things, which meant we were faced with the excruciating choices such as Kanye West vs. Arctic Monkeys, Disclosure vs. Tegan And Sara, Atmosphere vs. Duck Sauce, and Spoon vs. Courtney Barnett vs. Lykke Li. Thus, what follows are not the only memorable sets from Outside Lands; they’re just our favorites, and we’re stoked to tell you about why they were so excellent.

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  1. How were the Arctic Monkeys, Flaming Lips, Chromeo, Tycho, and Gold Panda sets? OWWWOOOOOOOOO!

  2. Thank you for not saying “The Best Sets of Outside Lands 2014″!! I seriously hate when publications do that and then I look at the list and it is completely absent of my favorite shows of the festival. Best vs. Favorite is a pet peeve of mine when it comes to music because “best” is such a subjective thing that doesn’t related to music. End of rant… just, thank you.

  3. Aw poor Run The Jewels DJ… head crushed in by Sir Mike.

  4. I saw the Spoon show before this one and yeah, there’s none better. Even Kanye can’t fuck with their level.

    Glad you liked Kacey. Off to look for a link of Boots.

  5. Spoon, Local natives, and Death Cab were ruined for me by talking teenagers in the front. Literally heard more talking than Britt’s voice.

  6. Stereogum likes duck sauce don’t they?

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