Cymbals Eat Guitars - LOSE

Later this month, the Staten Island indie rock band Cymbals Eat Guitars will release LOSE, their grand, expansive, generally awesome new album. The LP is inspired by the death of a guy who was friends with the band, but the LP doesn’t sound depressive or numbed. Instead, it’s huge and alive and bursting with melody and spirit. If anything, it’s the most immediate and intense thing the band has ever done. We’ve posted three songs from the album — “Jackson,” “Chambers,” “Warning” — and all of them rule. And right now, you can stream the entire album over at NPR. So go do that.

LOSE is out 8/26 on Barsuk. Check out our Cymbals Eat Guitars interview here.

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  1. Oh this will be a sleeper for my favorite albums this year. I can tell, just two songs into the album.

  2. Freaking incredible. “Chambers” sounds like modern-era Cure, but better!

  3. One of the more criminally underrated bands out there today…LOSE is their strongest album to date, with Laramine a strong contender for SOTY clocking in at 8+ minutes of bliss.

  4. Some of these songs are just absolute mind-blowers. “Jackson,” “Place Name” and “2 Hip Soul” alone would be enough to warrant consideration for AOTY. Pumped to see them for free next week in CT.

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