Raury "Cigarette Song" video

Raury’s video for “Cigarette Song” comes with a simple inscription: “everybody has an addiction.” He and his lady hang out at a lakeside in the woods, blazing trees while leaning on trees then pouring out a bunch of liquor burning their cabin down. Directed by Andrew Donoho and Carlon Ramong, it continues building a mythology around the 17-year-old mystic soul singer and self-proclaimed savior from East Atlanta, whose website is emblazoned with phrases like “This Is Not A Cult” and “Adventurers Can’t Be Lovers” and “We Are The Youth, We Are The Truth, Forever.” He reminds me of Frank Ocean with more acoustic guitars or Michael Jackson on a forest retreat. Raury will open Outkast’s string of homecoming shows next month, and his EP Indigo Child is out in a couple weeks. (There’s a countdown clock here to help you keep track.) See the “Cigarette Song” visuals below; while you’re at it, watch Raury’s previous video for “God’s Whisper,” which was directed by Donoho and written by Ramong.

Indigo Child is out 8/25.

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  1. Daaaaaaaamn I’m not so sure I would say this dude is some different form of Michael Jackson or Frank Ocean, he seems like something entirely different. “Cigarette Song” sounds like it could pass for pop with some not so radio-friendly lyrics and “God’s Whisper” sounds like Edward Sharpe with a bit more pointed lyrics. Matching the videos with great production values has made me very excited to hear the rest of this guy’s album. Discovering this has officially made my day.

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