Arcade Fire: Reflektor Tour With Dan Deacon, The Unicorns and DJ Steve Mackey

That zany bunch the Arcade Fire are back with yet another locally relevant cover. Last night they were in Edmonton, birthplace of Michael J. Fox, so they kicked out a rendition of Huey Lewis’ Back To The Future theme “Back In Time” that segued into Reflektor jam “Here Comes The Night Time” — which, in the event that you’re sick of all these covers, is still an excellent tune in its own right. Voyage all the way back to August 11, 2014 to hear the medley below.

[Photo from Inglewood, California by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.]

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  1. idea: just do a weekly or monthly Arcade Fire Covers Round-Up post, because christ nobody really cares enough to post them individually.

  2. I was there and this was awesome, but yeah maybe a round-up post would be better, though it’s not like my life now sucks with these individual posts. Also check out the TV cube head guy with Michael J. Fox playing. Since I’m commenting now I might as well review the show. I highly recommend these shows because besides great music, the theatrics, dressing up and openers are cool. A+

  3. i would rather see 10,000 articles about Arcade Fire cover songs before i see one more “X years ago, X band released X album” article.

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