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Next month, Ryan Adams is set to drop his new self-titled album; he gave us his “Gimme Something Good” video, which awesomely stars Elvira, earlier today. But the album could’ve turned out very differently. As Adams tells NME, he recorded an earlier version of the album with the Led Zeppelin/Who/Eagles producer Glyn Johns, who he previously worked with on 2011′s great Ashes & Fire. In the process, he spent a mind-boggling $100,000. He scrapped the album. “It was slow, adult shit,” he says. “I’m just over that.”

In the same interview, he had some nice things to say about Be Here Now, the 1997 megabudget flop of an Oasis album, an LP that almost nobody liked. Adams is in the minority on this one: “I’m too old to care who likes my records. It’s all bullshit anyway. People make judgements about records, but the music is eternal. I like Be Here Now. I don’t even care if Noel Gallagher doesn’t like it, because you know what? I will take two bong hits and that record will blow my mind.”

Who else has a sudden urge to take two bong hits and throw on Be Here Now? All my people right here right now?

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  1. I agree, “Be Here Now” is an amazing album. It’s the Gallagher brothers at their most drug-addled and indulgent, which for a band as self-assured as Oasis is a good thing.

    And no, I’m not trolling.

  2. is not that bad, c’mon!

  3. To be honest, I think Be Here Now is much better than people give it credit for… Saying it’s lousy is just a matter of opinion really.

  4. That’s just like your opinion, man. The Dude Abides.

    Also, it’s a great album. Oasis sounds better and better as the years pass. Cuz they NEVER forgot to make songs. So many bands forget that a great hook is what most of us really want in a song. We can be indie schmindy and pretentious as fuck but in the end we all just want to sing along. And Oasis piled hook on top of hook.

  5. I actually like every Oasis album. Varying degrees of like, sure, but I can find redeeming qualities in each.

  6. I’ll defend any, every and all Oasis albums. Got it, StereoBUM???

  7. It still sold more than 8 million, so not a total ‘flop’!

  8. $100,000! How is gonna afford all those new patches on his denim jackets?

  9. Be Here Now may be bloated but I’d hardly call it “lousy”. It is a furious cocaine rush of an album. Too many people and music critics dismiss it because of it embraces all the good and bad elements that comprised Oasis’ sound/vibe. It isn’t a perfect record but I’d be hard pressed to find an Oasis fan who doesn’t enjoy at least some of it it. Also it is an album that fits into Oasis’ musical narrative very nicely.

  10. Be Here Now is the third best Oasis album. So many killer jams on that record.

  11. I could take two bong hits and the fucking Smurfs soundtrack would blow my mind.

  12. LOL. Fuck adult shit. Gonna take another binger and listen to that Oasis record for the first time since it came out.

  13. It makes sense that he would take bong hits before listening to Be Here Now because I heard that stuff is great for helping people cope with cancer.

  14. I dig Be Here Now…whats the big deal?

  15. i hate oasis

  16. ‘Be Here Now’ a flop? REALLY? 350,000 units on the first day of release, and close to 700,000 in just THREE DAYS. It went on to sell over eight million copies worldwide and counting. If that’s a “flop” then what do you class modern-day pop albums as then?

    • Great point. If anything it shows just how much the goalposts have shifted since 1997, which is way more interesting (to me) than a discussion about when Oasis peaked.

  17. Be Here Now is ridiculous and excellent all at the same time. It’s like some insane cross between GNR and the Beatles. The amount of guitar solos on top of guitar solos makes me laugh but I love every one of them. Also, I think I read somewhere that the album was the #1 most returned album to secondhand shops that year. People were so mad that it didn’t sound like Morning Glory they immediately took it back. I wish more artists would go overboard like that from time to time.

  18. Isn’t it still the fastest selling album in British chart history? The album is glorious in the most overblown, ridiculous way possible. I like all of their albums to varying degrees, but if they broke up after that album it would have been the perfect ending to their story.

    Plus, the first time I saw Ryan Adams live was opening for Oasis a few years ago.

  19. Be Here Now is a great album. Anything Oasis did was great… except for maybe Heathen Chemistry.

  20. “Fuck slow, adult shit. Oasis rules.” – Shit Adults Say

  21. Good to see people sticking up for Be Here Now. As ridiculous as it is, it’s a ton of fun, and other than All Around the World it doesn’t really have any bad songs – just a lot of them that should be a couple minutes shorter. I’d put it fourth in the Oasis catalog, after the first two and the (highly underrated, IMO) Don’t Believe the Truth.

    I can understand why Noel doesn’t have much time for it. Listening back to it, let alone playing it live, must be like reliving your worst bender, and nobody wants to do that. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy it.

  22. Be Here Now SUCKS. How anyone can listen to or defend Oasis in the 21st century is a complete mystery to me.

  23. “Be Here Now” was such a polarizing album when it came out. I loved it then and appreciate it even more today. But everybody’s entitled to their own opinion… Many people lot “Definitely” was an incredible record and I was always “whatever” about it (and still am today)…

  24. Be Here Now is fucking awesome.

  25. There are some weaker filler tracks but the singles (D’you Know What I Mean?, Stand By Me, All Around the World, Don’t Go Away) are brilliant and there are a handful of great heavy pop deep cuts as well (It’s Gettin’ Better Man!!, Be Here Now, I Hope I Think I Know). Not Definitely Maybe, but Be Here Now is definitely a classic on its own terms.

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