Watch Trash Talk Knock Down Event Photographer's Drone With A Beercan

During a show in Detroit on Saturday, thrash rockers Trash Talk threw a beer at a drone that was hovering above them and photographing the concert. The drone captured the whole encounter on video, which shows it approaching the stage and capturing some moshers in the pit before descending towards the stage as Spencer Pollard chucks beers at the drone until he eventually hit it. The drone was being controlled by Harry Arnold, owner of Detroit Drone, who was hired to record the show. Arnold confronted Pollard following the show and the bassist reportedly told him off. “He endangered people,” the drone operator told MLive. “I look at him as a young man — just as I tell my son, ’You can’t do things as fast as you think of them.’” Arnold says he’s not upset because the promoter is taking care of the damages. Watch the drone video below.

(via MLive)

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  1. More fun when I muted the sound.


    Funny how the photog claims no beef but still describes the throw as “limp wristed.” Photographers come off as the biggest twits sometimes, though I feel for them.

    This reminds me of when Julian Casablancas just launched himself onto a dolly cam in front of the stage during Little Stevens Festival like a decade back. He was just like riding and punching the thing.

  3. If the show was being filmed professionally, shouldn’t the band be asked for permission? This is why festival livestreams don’t feature every act. If it was never cleared by the band, i have very little sympathy for Mr. Drone, even if destroying someone else’s property is not cool at all.

  4. There’s something unsettling and dystopian about drones that makes me completely okay with him knocking it down.

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