Chris Brown on Instagram

Popular singer and loathsome human being Chris Brown jumped on Instagram to sing a cover of Sam Smith’s prettily maudlin smash “Stay With Me.” But being the wily rascal that he is, Brown felt like he had to switch up the lyrics, the real problem with “Stay With Me” being that Sam Smith never sang the words “bitch, you owe me.” The video is below.

You’re no “Weird Al” Yankovic, Chris Brown. You’re no Vin Diesel, either.

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  1. Jesus fuckin fuck. WELL, AT LEAST HE IS CONSISTENT.

  2. I don’t know about you all, but my thought on hearing Sam Smith’s original was DEFINITELY “This great pop song by an rising star who’s open and proud about his sexuality really could use a touch of misogyny.”

  3. What’s with the Slim Shady hair? OWWWOOOOOOO!

  4. Can we please stop giving this human turd our attention?

  5. I’m defeating my own point by commenting on this clown but….

    Seriously, this guy needs to be ignored by Stereogum. He’s a woman beating monster and there’s no amount of time that redeems him.

    He’s a bad guy and Stereogum has the option to ignore him.

  6. Someone needs to tell this misogynistic jerk that the world doesn’t revolve around him. And that’s putting it politely.

  7. I wish you hadn’t posted this. I don’t want to read anything about this guy, even if it’s negative. Can’t we just declare Stereogum a Chris-Brown-free zone?

  8. Not being Weird Al is surely a good thing.

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