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#10 world_on_a_string | Aug 10th Score:19

That’s something my mom would say…

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#9 mickrandom26 | Aug 13th Score:21

Geez! I’m surprised he didn’t fire him after any of those fuck ups.

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#8 mickrandom26 | Aug 12th Score:22

What, no Kix?

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#7 scruffy | Aug 13th Score:23

Hurry up with my damn next song.

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#6 departed | Aug 10th Score:26

I read this as Morrossey stopping by his label’s office.

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#5 cbishop | Aug 8th Score:26

On the plus side, he doesn’t have that shitty ICP tattoo anymore.

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#4 helloheadphones | Aug 10th Score:27

I like to go to guitar center just to stand there and pretend to conduct all the people playing guitar, it’s one of my best jokes

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#3 miguelito1 | Aug 10th Score:29

Last year I was in a Guitar Center and Korn was there. I assume they work there now.

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#2 cheap_suit | Aug 13th Score:34

Ouch. Seems kind of unnecessary to not only quit Death Cab, but also announce out of the blue that he would never join the Darkness.

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Matt Packman | Aug 13th Score:38

yikes – seems like a bit of an insecure, homophobic prick

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Caddy BC | Aug 12th Score:-6

Arcade Fire are shit. Flume should stick to remixing decent artists like Rustie.

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#4 gruff | Aug 8th Score:-7

peter who

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#3 muffinman | Aug 13th Score:-7

DJ sounds like a tool on twitter, but then again so does Kanye. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just starting to fuck up intentionally cause when I saw Kanye at roo this year Kanye was definitely calling the shots and fucking up the flow of is own show. He’d often let the crowd almost get built up then Kanye would tell the dj to awkwardly cut the music and he did this a lot. I expected rants, but he his rants were kind of disappointing cause it wasn’t just an awesomely ridiculously silly stream of consciousness mix of sense and nonsense, it was just kind of half-assed and filled with more dead space and silence then hilarious complaints

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Caddy BC | Aug 12th Score:-7

Hahaha, yeah right, there’s no way he could make this worse than it was when Arcade FIre played it. One of the worst bands in the world, pretentious shit for pretentious shits.

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Michael Noonan | Aug 14th Score:-8

You’ve got to be kidding me. My girlfriend called me in from the other room because this was so ridiculously horrid. The misuse of percussion at the end is downright offensive. That’s not how you’re supposed to play a guiro unless you want to break it.

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John Mordecai | Aug 13th Score:3

ATP is the rare gem of music festivals and I hope they don’t disappear. Having been to a number of them in New York and in the UK (full disclosure, I was once in a band signed to their record label and played a couple of those fests), and they were so much fun. You’re not outside in shitty weather amongst many many thousands of people, but in these kitschy old holiday camps and resorts which lend their own charm, and the bands are all staying there with you. It’s so communal, incredibly unique and quite memorable.
I hope they sort this stuff out. My own dealings with the people who run ATP were limited (I wasn’t the point person for that stuff) and I’ll leave everything else out (long story short, the band parted ways with the label), but they were nice people who really care about music and putting on festivals and remaining independent of corporate money.
This kind of thing seems not surprising given the current state of the world economy, but it’s a bummer. I hope they survive.

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Comments (22)
  1. I was feeling sad before I found out Robin Williams died.
    I took my lunch break early and noticed my CD player was empty.
    I looked in the back of my car to my scattered pile of CDs and noticed a neglected album.
    Since I was in such a funk, I popped in “Benji”
    I hadn’t listened to it in months since it always bummed me out.
    Since I was already bummed out, I figured what the hell.
    Tears were running off my cheek halfway through “Carissa”
    Why was the death of someone I don’t even know choking me up?
    I kept listening and pondered Mark’s questions about life and death
    In a weird way, it helped me out of that weird feeling I couldn’t explain.
    I went about my day, beginning to understand the importance of “Benji”

    It was a weird coincidence to revisit an album focusing on death the same day Robin passed.
    Especially an album I’ve talked about here as something I didn’t fully get.

    I think I get it now and it makes me really sad.

    I think that’s the point.

    Rest in Peace Robin

    • Benji really is a perfect album for being melancholy. I always forget why I love it until I’m having a shitty day. Then I just get emotionally devastated, and fall in love with the album again. It’s a vicious cycle.

  2. Anyone else really curious how these Pitchfork “Best of the Decade So Far” lists are going to turn out?

    Interesting that they aren’t waiting till the end of 2014. ESPECIALLY with a new Kanye album etc.

    I hope we can get a small write up about it on here. Those discussions are epic. But considering we didn’t get a write up about their 2013 lists I’m thinking S-Gum is avoiding talking about Pitchfork lists now?

    • Yeah, I’m kind of worried about it not being until the end of the year. Well, not worried, just perplexed. I mean, that will be the REAL halfway point, won’t it? Also, how are they going to pick anything but Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy for Album of the Decade? They can’t.

      • Is Twisted Fantasy the only 10.0 they’ve given this decade?

        • The only non-reissue, I believe.

        • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

          • Thanks for that cutting analysis, Dad, but WHY WON’T YOU HUG ME?

          • I agree with your point that there are other albums much more deserving, but to use the “rappers can’t play instruments” argument to back that up is where I call bullshit. How many great albums were made by people who didn’t play an instrument/sing or were very poor at their instrument? I could name ten off the top of my head probably…The Clash’s first album, Sex Pistols, Trout Mask Replica, a million other golden age of rap albums…Even then, Kanye has proven himself to be very talented in the production realm, and he’s a good (if not the best) rapper. He’s an idea man, which is certainly not nothing!

      • i also find it very strange timing on their part. it seems that best of the year lists seem to get earlier and earlier (everywhere). i’ve never understood why we can’t talk about best of the year until january i mean its usually a dry period for new stuff anyway and personally i usually dont think back over the year until january. but best of the decade so far in august just seems crazy to me, as i would expect such a list in maybe spring of next year. i mean what happened to letting time pass and actually reflecting on releases?! and 4th qt is a pretty big time of year for new releases. it just seems pretentious and arrogant to assume nothing incredible could drop in the 4th qt, especially in this day and age when big artists can release an album over night with not hype. i just dont get it.

      • Their 2000-2004 recap launched in August/September just like this new one will.

        I hope to hell we get to discuss that thing. Whatever it will be. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

        How much pop detritus will they include?
        Will MBDTF be #1?
        Yeezus #2?
        Better yet, the albums we hailed the year they came out FALLING OFF ENTIRELY??!?!!

        We’ll have a ball with that feature.

    • Quick reminder that Save Ferris once got a 9.5 from Pitchfork. We’re not talking about an authoritative critical voice here.

  3. Well at least I can say I’ve made the best comment list, the worst comment list, and editor’s choice. You’d think I’d be more famous by now with a record like that, we can’t all be raptor jesuses and rubberjohnnys though. I’m still curious if those down votes were from people who saw the show I did or not or if they thought I was just a Kanye hater or something because I was actually rooting for him hoping he’d do great and I still think the show was fine just had the potential to be much much better. I think gum had an article saying his was the number one best performance there, but I definitely disagree. I was really hoping he’d step it up for his return to roo too.

  4. “Hey what’s up guys!” -Morrissey

  5. “World’s Greatest Dad” almost my ruined my favorite Akron/Family song. Thankfully I’ve mostly blocked out the scene in question. Love RW, but that movie was not my cup of tea.


  7. “Shut Up, Dude” should really just be about Gene Simmons this week.

  8. wow I made top comment on shut up dude for the first time, I’d like to thank scott

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