Merchandise - After The End

The members of the Tampa, Florida band Merchandise started out as products of their city’s estimable DIY punk scene, but their stated goal has always been to move their sound in a “pop” direction, to sound bigger while retaining some certain fundamental darkness. For some of us, their early records were murky muddles with a few good ideas, and it was hard to hear their pop moves as successes. But the band’s new album After The End changes all that. Their first album for 4AD, which they recorded with Depeche Mode producer Gareth Jones, is grand and dark and majestic, and it also has some of the night-time glimmer of prime Echo & The Bunnymen or Bauhaus. All of a sudden, they sound like stars, and the new album is a vast leap beyond anything they’ve ever done. We’ve posted their songs “Little Killer,” “Enemy,” and “Green Lady,” and now you can stream the full LP at NPR.

After The End is out 8/25 via 4AD.

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  1. Hadn’t heard of this band until Children of Desire, and that album surprised me at the time. Even more surprising, though, is that there is any modern band capable of getting me excited again about jangly post-punky indie pop. JUST WHEN I THINK something something something PULL ME BACK IN something something. Best Morrissey album of 2014!

    Seriously, though, this is good stuff.

  2. Had never listened to this band before today. Have now streamed it 4 straight times through and couldn’t agree with Zachary above. This is good jangly post crap. My second favorite kind of music. Second only to really twee and fey stuff. Speaking of …..why isn’t ‘Allo ‘Darlin’ a HUGE deal!!? That band is f’ing amazing.

  3. It’s about goddamn time. Thank you

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