J Mascis - Tied To A Star

The great Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis is famous for blazing, melodic, eardrum-rupturing, feedback-drenched solos, but his dazed, muttering, tired-of-the-world voice is just as essential a piece of his band’s sound. And on his own, Mascis has lately been using that voice in the service of lush, nostalgic folk-rock songs that sound completely natural coming out of him. Next week, Mascis will follow up his underrated 2011 solo effort Several Shades Of Why with a new one called Tied To A Star, and it is well worth your time. We’ve already posted “Every Morning” and the Cat Power collab “Wide Awake,” and now you can stream all of Tied To A Star at NPR.

Tied To A Star is out 8/26 on Sub Pop.

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  1. This is a major release right here, definitely AOTY for me.
    I couldn’t bring myself to listen to anything else ever since I downloaded the leaked version about a week ago.

    I agree about his previous album being underrated. “Several Shades” was easily the best album of 2011, but back then everyone was jizzing their pants over Bon Iver, so it went almost unnoticed.

  2. This is a truly fantastic album

  3. I wouldn’t say “Several Shades” was easily the best album of 2011,’ but then I’d be wary of saying that about any album. It was good, in parts, but this one is better.

    Listening to it repeatedly on the NME stream (because I try not to pirate albums by people I like). J can have my money just as soon the album is released!

    Hopefully he will tour this one soon.

    • I’m gonna buy the album, of course, as soon as it appears on iTunes (only pre-order for now) just as i did with “Several Shades” and the Dinosaur Jr albums.
      The thing is, I got the leak because I was impatient to hear the whole thing especially after the second song “Wide Awake” appeared online :)

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