Caribou - Our Love

As you might have guessed from “Can’t Do Without You,” Caribou’s upcoming Our Love expertly blends brainy electronic impulses with tender emotional warmth. It’s one of the year’s greatest albums, which the title track further asserts. Below, hear Dan Snaith’s gentle cooing set against liquid gurgles and a beat that seems to sigh contentedly as it glides and skitters.

Our Love is out 10/4 in Germany and 10/6 in Europe and the UK via City Slang, and 10/7 in the US via Merge. As of tomorrow, 8/19, get “Our Love” instantly when you pre-order the album at iTunes. Physical pre-order is here.

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  1. I’m enjoying this quite a bit more than that first single, but it still just sounds a little too ‘restrained’ for the Caribou I know and love. Around the 2 minute mark is when it gets awesome, but it’s still a little short-lived for my tastes. Still, a solid track with some typically amazing production and has me excited for the album. Been listening to ‘Swim’ a lot again lately and am hoping the other tracks can help ‘Our Love’ approach the awesomeness of that one.

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