Earlier this summer, the rapper Busdriver got a lot of people excited with his single “Ego Death,” on which he stood tall alongside guests like Danny Brown and Aesop Rock. Now Busdriver has released a new song, titled “Cop,” in response to the ongoing tragedy in Ferguson. No word whether this will appear on his upcoming album, Perfect Hair. Listen to it below and read a brief note Busdriver released with the song.

Policing in the US needs to be re-examined completely. killing innocent people and children routinely can’t stand as the lasting trend.

this song deals with policing. I feel like it was important to share.

Perfect Hair is out 9/9 on Big Dada.

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  1. Capitalizing on the situation in Ferguson this guy is no better than the looters.

    • just like how Neil Young capitalized on Kent State, what an asshole that guy was

      • Yeah for sure, he was defending more rioters and looters, got a lot of attention for himself out of it.

        • Oh man, this guy is right!

          Quick, let’s put together a task force and raise donations to spread the word to all of our artists: stop adding to the national discourse about police brutality by writing protest songs! It’s just selfish! Oh god, the agony…it’s too much! Just imagining how Busdriver is spending the zero dollars he made from releasing this song for free is making me sick, to say nothing of the longterm career capital this mp3 will surely grant him. I mean, an entire SONG!

          Guys…do you hear that? What is that terrible sound? Oh, it’s the rustle of major labels lining up around his block, their fat change purses clanking against the huge, steely boners they all popped after hearing this song about resisting a police state. I can see Busdriver now, in his studio apartment in LA, cackling maniacally as he amends his grocery shopping list to include the NON-GENERIC brand of peanut butter this time…hell, with blood money like this he can grind his own spreadable butters from the bones of mail order brides! Oh what fools we’ve been! I just WISH Busdriver had released a song about Batman and pussy instead of this culturally relevant musical poem, then, PERHAPS then, we could all start the healing process, by which I mean, find it deep within ourselves to bitch at someone who is making music about topics that are important to us all.

          • Oh burn! I would give Busdriver more credit if he didn’t drop the name of his upcoming album a few times in the first thirty seconds of “Cop.” Before Busdriver released this song I had no idea who he was or that his new album is out in September, now he has some front page publicity on a major music blog for his free song which I’m sure will help his album sales.

  2. Waiting for Iggy Azalea to capitalize on this trend. And she’s waiting for Macklemore to pop something first, probably.

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