Absolutely Free

Last month we premiered “Beneath The Air” by Absolutely Free. It was a bright and breezy psych-pop song that has now been given an animated video that fits the same description. The video is a constantly morphing series of simple painted images that grow and shrink with the endlessness of a fractal. Watch it below and look for the band’s self-titled debut album later this year.

Absolutely Free is out 10/14 via Lefse.

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  1. true story: i saw Absolutely Free on a random friday night in Ypsilanti, Michigan of all places, where they were somewhere in the middle of a bill with a dozen other bands. after being out for only an hour or so, i had a ripping headache and was about to head home when they started playing. they sounded so good i immediately walked right up to the stage to watch them and ten minutes later my headache was gone (and never came back). great band, good people, and healing properties to boot – i’m glad to see them getting attention.

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