Crowdfund A New Bush Album By Buying Handwritten "Glycerine" Lyrics For $2,000

The latest band to get in on the crowdfunding action is British grunge band Bush. Frontman Gavin Rossdale has started a project on Pledge Music to fund the recording of a new album. Some of the rewards include guitar lessons via Skype and a guitar and bass that was signed by the band, which have already been sold for $1,500 each. The donor rewards top out at $2,000 for a handwritten lyric sheet for “Glycerine.” It’s not even a lyric sheet from when the song was first written — instead, the description specifies that it was written out by Gavin “just for you,” presumably on a napkin or something. The crowdfunding effort raises some questions: How are the “Glycerine” lyrics more expensive than the guitar and bass? And why can’t Gwen Stefani just support her husband and pay for the album? You can check out the project here.

UPDATE: PledgeMusic wrote us to point out this is a straight-up pre-order — i.e., Bush are not asking fans for money in order to make the album, so the term crowdfunding is not accurate. We regret the error.

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  1. Absolutely no where on the pledge site does it say this money is necessary for the creation of the album. In fact, it says the opposite: It clearly says “pre-order” – Pledge is not kickstarter. Pledge is a site that is a retail outlet for cool items you can buy to help support the purchase of an album. Some Pledge campaigns are to ‘fund an album’ but albums like this are not.

    • I see what you mean. My experience w/ PledgeMusic has always been for albums being funded — I even bought an artist’s handwritten lyrics once, but they were reasonably priced — but I see there are more recent campaigns that are essentially merch stores (e.g., Still, it’s sorta like Kickstarter in that the financial support allows Bush to make this album? In any case, the $2,000 handwritten lyrics have been sold, so you’re welcome Bush!

      • Now it says there’s 1 left! Maybe they added another.

      • Scott – you bought those lyrics?? :-D thats great!! and in this case, they dont need the money to create the album. it’s just about done. Gavin was chosing the cover art the other day. it’s more for people to be able to pre-order the various forms of the album, and all the other sweet perks they’re offering! They’re on their own label nowadays, so this has got to be an easier and more fun way to do things :)

  2. I would like to purchase the lyrics to Everything Zen for my asshole brother in Los Angeles.

  3. BUSH has been my favorite band for 18+ years of my life and I would pay more for Gavin’s handwritten lyrics of Glycerine than i would for an autographed guitar. (but i already have an autographed BUSH guitar) If i had $2,000 you bet your ass i’d buy those lyrics though. i dont care if they’re written on toilet paper… that song is a classic. And Gavin doesn’t need Gwen’s help to fund an album. The album is mostly done. They’re taking pre-orders for various versions of the album and offering other sweet perks to their fans! if you looked into it further, its actually really amazing!

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