Haim - "My Song 5" Video

We warned you that it was coming, and now it’s here: HAIM’s ridiculous and cameo-packed video for the Days Are Gone highlight “My Song 5.” The video turns out to be for the remixed A$AP Ferg version of the song, and it takes place on the set of The Dallas Murphy Show a fictional and ridiculous daytime-TV talk show. SNL/Sound Advice star Vanessa Bayer plays the show’s host, and the video features a parade of high-profile cameos, many of them so quick and deep in the background that they’re hard to catch: Ezra Koenig! Kesha! Grimes! Big Sean! Superproducer Ariel Rechtshaid! Haim’s parents are in there too. Watch the Dugan O’Neal-directed video below, and let us know which cameos we’re missing in the comments section.

Days Are Gone is out now on Columbia.

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  1. Wonder if Este and Claire bonded over their love of mimes

  2. What about Artemis, my favorite character from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”!?

  3. i like haim though i have few illusions about what they are, and i like the general tenor of this song, but isnt that dropping a rap segment into a song such a cliche by now?

  4. This video was great. Este; “I have a thing for Mimes.” LMAO!!! That was great! And don’t worry; they ain’t going anywhere. @ Walter Black: Illusions of what they are? Well, look at it this way; they will NEVER go lower than what they currently are and that’s a good thing. My take on them? They have not even ‘peaked’ yet. They all are musicans of study. They read, write as well as play music. How many of that’s around today? The Rapper in the song? OK, I give you that ‘BUT’ it was JUST for the video and it worked great. It does NOT appear in the song. JUST WAIT TILL THEIR NEXT CD. DON’T MISS IT! :-)

  5. I have no idea what is happening in this video but I know it’s all great

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