Katy Perry and Rihanna on Instagram

The National Football League rakes in about $9 billion a year, but that doesn’t mean it’s made of money. Do you know how much the League is going to have to pay out in concussion-related lawsuits for the next forever? Fortunately, the NFL has figured out how to optimize yet another revenue stream: Charging artists for the privilege of playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The League already doesn’t pay its halftime performers, but it’s got a new scheme in mind. The Wall Street Journal reports that NFL reps have narrowed their wish-list of possible Super Bowl performers down to three candidates — Coldplay, Katy Perry, and Rihanna — and they’ve reached out to the artists to ask whether they’d be willing to contribute some of their post-Super Bowl tour money to the League, or to make “some other type of financial contribution.”

The Journal also reports that the artists’ reps gave that suggestion “a chilly reception.” If the NFL is really that hard-up for cash, though, I would personally pay $5 to watch Rihanna hit NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with her death-stare for at least 60 seconds.

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  1. they’ll pay it

  2. They would if the public didn’t know about it. Now that the story is out, situations probably gonna change.

  3. Given recent events in the NFL, Rihanna would be perfect for the halftime show.

  4. I guess its time to start up that Weird Al Super Bowl Kickstarter

  5. That’s a lot to pay considering you don’t even get to play real instruments.

  6. How much extra to flip the bird?

  7. I’ve got this figured out. It’s known that artists aren’t paid to play the Super Bowl halftime show because similar to the dynamics of the NCAA and college athletes, new burgeoning acts like Coldplay, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and The Rolling Stones are auditioning for exposure to a wider audience.

    Now, you may say to me “So the NFL wants high profile artists of their choice to pay for the privilege to perform? That somehow seems as sleazy as crowdsourcing…” To which I say that it’s because you’re stupid.

    You’re so stupid that you’ve failed to realize these 100% true facts:
    1) Companies are not allowed to sponsor and have never sponsored a Super Bowl halftime show. Ever.
    2) Performing at the Super Bowl halftime show is tax deductible.
    3) When you see any artist in concert they are only making money from the merchandise they sell at the show. All of the proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the venue and the NFL.
    4) Established artists need money and exposure more than any underrated artist struggling to gain exposure because of fancy livin’ and divorce.
    5) #Payola is trending on Twitter.

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