Ariana Grande - My Everything

The young post-Mariah pop-R&B star Ariana Grande will release her sophomore album My Everything next week, and I don’t really know what to expect from it. First single “Problem,” with Iggy Azalea, was a total lively summer-jam masterpiece, and second single “Break Free,” with Zedd, was boring popstep fluff. But now Grande is streaming four of the previously unheard tracks from the album, and one of those songs, “Love Me Harder,” teams Grande up with the Weeknd from some obsessive synthed-up crush music. Listen to that one, as well as the other three, below. (Please note: “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart,” the third song streaming, is a total showstopper of a ballad, and it rules.)

My Everything is out 8/22 on Republic.

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  1. In case listening to Ariana Grande didn’t make you feel enough like a pervert, here’s this skeezy Tracy Chapman looken’ / “Machine Gun” stealing motherfucker to send it off the goddamn pedo cliff.

  2. -fart noise-

  3. I don’t know why you people are sleeping on Break Free; I like it more than Problem, though part of that could be because it doesn’t call on me to listen to Iggy Azalea. The song is completely irresistible.. Go cue it up and listen to the way it pivots from the middle 8 at about the 2:20 mark into the last chorus. This thing SOARS.

  4. Stereogum used to be a good old blog… RIP STEREOGUM.

  5. I kinda like the weeknd’s part here better than a lot of his recent output (I couldn’t really even make it through “King of the Fall”). Not sure whether to treat that as a change in direction or not though

  6. Is that a “I Get Lonely” sample on “Be My Baby”? I don’t think it is, but there’s a few similarities between the two. And from that, I’ll use this comment to add that even though her voice is Mariah-like, the music itself feels closer to Janet to me.

    This preview has actually made me a bit excited for the album, something even “Problem” (blame Iggy) and her debut couldn’t pull off. I’m a bit more poptimist about it now. Strangely though, the third song is the one I liked the least even if she really invests a lot of her vocals on it. “Love Me Harder” and “Be My Baby” are the best songs she has here so far, I think. The first might even be my favorite Abel feature in a while (as brief as it is).

  7. Disappointed there’s no duet with Steve Whiteman.

  8. Love Me Harder is awesome!

    It borrows more than a few ideas from Gaga & Kelly’s ‘Do What U Want,’ but it still bangs; plus it makes the Weeknd relevant again.

  9. tbh I was hoping that “Be My Baby” was just going to be a cover the the Ronettes’ classic, or at least have some sort of throwback. I like this song too though. Whatever. I’ll just go watch the opening to Mean Streets 100 times.

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