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Arcade Fire are in the final stretch of their continent-spanning Reflektor tour, and as you may have heard, they’ve adopted the habit of paying tribute to each city they visit by covering a song/artist from (or associated with) that city. This started on the second night of the tour, in Minneapolis, where they covered Prince’s “Controversy.” Since then, they’ve covered everyone from sea to shining sea: from Fugazi (Washington D.C.) to Boyz II Men (Philadelphia) to Kansas (Kansas City). They don’t always go for the obvious choices, though! They did a pair of nights in L.A., and instead of covering, like, the Doors and the Eagles, they did Jane’s Addiction and “Axel F” … by the German composer Harold Faltermeyer … but which served as the theme from Beverly Hills Cop. Clever! Anyway, tomorrow night, the Reflektors are kicking off a three-night stand at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center — their first shows in the borough since last fall’s much-discussed secret shows — and as it happens, Brooklyn has been home to many prominent musicians over the years, from George Gershwin (Brownsville!) to Ol’ Dirty Bastard (Fort Greene!) to They Might Be Giants (Windsor Terrace!). With such a robust selection of Brooklyn-relevant artists to choose from — and considering most of the Stereogum staff lives in Brooklyn and we know this hood pretty well if we do say so ourselves — we decided to give Arcade Fire a hand in selecting some artists to cover at Barclays. We’ve narrowed down a long list to a compact 10 possibilities. And now, we want you guys to make the final call. Which means: poll! So get on it. Vote below for the artist you think Arcade Fire should cover in Brooklyn, and before showtime Friday night we’ll pass along the results to the band (no, they won’t be expecting it) and will make it official in Shut Up, Dude. You can also suggest additional artists in the comments. If the band ultimately decides to play something by the Ramones (Queens!), well … at least we know we did everything we could.

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  1. Glad you guys finally just broke and did a column!

    P.S. Bon Seger, The Fire Inside.

  2. Talking Heads. Once in a Lifetime.

    Also, am I the only one that loves the fact that Arcade Fire does so many live covers but hates their choices?

    Alec Eiffel? Pixies are my alltime fave band and that’s one of my absolute least fave songs

  3. Pfft. What makes Brooklyn so special?

  4. Considering the song’s various instrumentation, use of a female vocalist and overall energy at the backend of their set, Lover’s Day by TV on the Radio would be incredible. They could bring a lot to it.

  5. Does it have to be Brooklyn based? I’m willing to put good money on a Velvet Underground or Ramones cover played over the three shows.

    • They probably will cover VU. But for this poll, we stuck w/ Brooklyn.

      Does anyone know why Arcade Fire covered the Rolling Stones’ “The Last Time” at the tour opener in Louisville? They chose covers relevant to the venue starting w/ the Prince song the following night. That’s cool if it was just a random decision after the tour started, not some premeditated marketing thing.

      • They previously covered The Last Time with Mick Jagger on SNL and then Win later appeared at a Stones concert and sang it with them, so it was probably just something they did for fun.

        Not all of the shows have featured location specific covers like when I saw them in Bridgeport they did their Prince cover and they didn’t do any cover last night in Bangor.

  6. New York State of Mind / N.Y. State of Mind / Empire State of Mind mash-up (I know Nas is from Queens but c’mon)

    Though actually if we’re just picking Brooklyn bands I’d say YYYs, I could see AF handing in colossal versions of some of the It’s Blitz stuff

  7. Biohazard, obviously

  8. Wikipedia says he was born in Brooklyn sooooo:

    Lou Reed – “Vicious”

  9. LCD Soundsystem is a guarantee for one of the nights. I don’t know if James Murphy will be a bobblehead or whatever but considering he helped produce part of the record, and that AF sang backup on North American Scum during The Long Goodbye, it’s almost a 100 percent guarantee.

  10. I’m thinking they could do something awesome with Neil Diamond… ‘America’ or ‘Love on the Rocks,’ anyone?

  11. Considering the current situation in MO, they could say a lot by playing Mos Def – Umi Says. Getting Mos to come and sing it while they play too much to ask?

  12. Beastie Boys would be an obvious and awesome choice.

  13. I’d love to hear them cover a Strokes song from “Is This It?”

  14. It it me or do fewer of them keep turning up in photos? I thought there was at least 7 full-time members. Violin girl isn’t in that photo.

  15. Lana Del Rey.

    Haha jk.

  16. The modern classic that is Catey Shaw’s “Brooklyn GIrls,” obviously.

  17. They should cover the greatest song in the history of rock and roll……

    “I Just Want To Have Something To Do” by The Ramones. At least that’s what I’ve been saying about it for the past 30+ years or so.

  18. They would probably do an awesome rendition of “Stillness Is The Move” by Dirty Projectors. Or “Useful Chamber.” Or any DP song, really.

  19. LEN – Steal My Sunshine —> Anyone Seen the Bridge —> LEN – Steal My Sunshine.

  20. The National is from Cincinnati but based in Brooklyn, right? And they happen to be quite chummy with the Arcade Fire crew…

  21. Oh come on, who wouldn’t want to see them bang out “We Tigers” with all that extra percussion they’ve been lugging around?

  22. If they don’t do a Biggie song, they can get the fuck out.

  23. talking heads.
    velvet underground.

  24. I’d like to see them cover “Yet Again” or “Province.” Bowie has done backup vocals on “Province” and “Reflektor.”

  25. I’d rather them not fuck up a TV on the Radio song, but I would be so down for some Psycho Killer.


  27. Strictly 80′s Joel.

  28. fucking no one.

  29. this is a terrible list you guys came up with. congratulations.


  31. Is this tour almost over or what? There’s really, truly nothing interesting about these covers. It’s a fun idea, I’m glad the fans are enjoying it, but it’s really not daily-update-caliber news.

  32. They should cover themselves. In duct tape. Or some kind of soundproof material.

  33. LCD Soundsystem

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