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Yesterday we heard about Earl Sweatshirt’s distaste for Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” video. Earl wasn’t the only one displeased with Swift’s treatment of black stereotypes; among those mocking “Shake It Off” was Fool’s Gold founder and Duck Sauce member A-Trak. Check the screengrab:

A-Trak is one of the world’s most famous DJs. He used to DJ for Kanye West. As a solo act or as half of Duck Sauce, he gets primo billing at major music festivals. But as Spin points out, The Daily Mail hilariously misidentified him as a member of Odd Future named Flan Emoji in their report on the controversy, both in the body text and in a photo caption:

Someone at the Mail clearly thought the name on A-Trak’s Twitter profile was his stage name, which is a fair mistake, albeit one that could have been avoided by fact-checking. But who knows how they decided he must be a member of Odd Future, other than the fact that Flan Emoji is totally the kind of name some Odd Future member would adopt. In any case, A-Trak seems to be in good spirits about it:

[Photo by Natalie Cass/Getty Images.]

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  1. That flan looks delicious. OWWWOOOOOOO!

  2. The truth is, Flan Emoji would be a great cloud-rap name.

  3. At first I was like “why is Stereogum posting about the thoughts of some third tier OF affiliate?” Then I died laughing.

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