Well, shit. Party’s over. As the world continues its inexorable march toward suckiness, the people behind the streaming platform SoundCloud have figured out that they can probably make a lot more money with their technology than they’re making. So SoundCloud, in order to wring as much money as possible from us, has introduced audio ads to the beginnings of its streams. As Billboard reports, those audio ads will run at least 15 seconds and, if they’re longer, will give the option to skip, just like YouTube ads do. Billboard does not report that these ads will make our days infinitely more annoying, but that’s implied. SoundCloud is also planning to start a paid subscription service once it works out deals with labels, though it doesn’t really say what a SoundCloud subscription would even be. Hopefully, you enjoyed all those sweet, sweet years of ad-free SoundCloud streams.

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  1. All good things come to an end. RIP Brocloud, hello Corporatecloud

  2. Oh, those sweet, sweet years. OWWWOOOOOOOO!

  3. As if anyone would choose to listen to their music on soundcloud instead of buying it, it crashes on me almost every day and I hardly do anything more than check my feed.

  4. BOOOOOO! That’s all I’ve gotta say.

  5. monetizing music, hmm there’s an idea.

  6. this is such a great time for money

  7. I’m surprised actually, that it took them this long to start charging. So many other services due, so it was only a matter of time.

  8. Q: If I’m not a Premier partner, will there be ads on any of my tracks?

    A: Ads will not be served on any of your tracks if you are a Free, Pro, or Pro Unlimited user. They are only served on the tracks of Premier partners with their explicit consent.

    Doesn’t seem as bad when looking at the FAQ.

  9. I mean, I only listen to joe schmoe indie jams on that site anyway, and regular users’ songs aren’t going to be affected. I’m sure anyone whose music is big enough to require ads can be found other ways than Soundcloud. Or you could just pay for it and take it where ever.

  10. ADBLOCK.


  11. I honestly have no idea why people complain about ads in Youtube videos or this, or elsewhere, when Adblock works and it’s free.

  12. Some hard working (I assume?) developers who gave countless artists a new accessible platform are about to make a lot of money they probably deserve. Cooler than it is annoying. As Adam says: get on your Adblock game.

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