M.I.A. Settles With The NFL, Maybe Now They Can Afford A Halftime Show

M.I.A. and the NFL have settled the lawsuit that the organization filed after M.I.A. flipped the middle finger during her part in Madonna’s 2012 Super Bowl halftime show. The Hollywood Reporter says that M.I.A.’s attorney Howard King confirmed the settlement, but that details of the arbitration will remain private. The NFL filed a lawsuit a year and a half after the incident, asking for $1.5 million and a public apology, which the artist refused to do. The lawsuit was still ongoing this past March when the NFL upped their demands to $16.6 million, claiming that they had proof she flipped the bird as a publicity stunt. M.I.A. has been vocal about her disdain for the lawsuit, saying in a video statement that it was “completely ridiculous” and “a massive waste of time, a massive waste of money, it’s a massive display of powerful corporation dick-shaking.” M.I.A. has not yet issued a public apology, which means that probably wasn’t part of the private settlement. If the NFL got any money out of this, maybe now they can afford to not ask artists to pay to play the Super Bowl halftime stage.

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  1. So to recap, the NFL sues MIA, are trying to charge bands to play their big halftime; and despite making billions for billionaires each year, make us regular Americans pay more in federal taxes because they’re classified as a non profit and pay no federal taxes.

    Any surprises Goodell is the son of a Republican Senator, and his wife, a former Fox News anchor, is the daughter of a former George W. Bush cabinet member?

    I can’t make this shit up.

  2. MIA persona is all about fighting the man. She has a baby with the richest child of the elite and then instead of fighting this she bends over and pays up! Way to kill your brand MIA. It’s like you don’t even listen to your own songs.

  3. Just so everyone’s clear:

    If you actually play in the league and get caught beating up your wife in an elevator (Ray Rice), it’s a two game suspension.

    If you’re simply performing at an event for the league and make a blink and you’ll miss it obscene gesture, you owe a multi-million dollar settlement.


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