Suge Knight Was Shot At A Pre-VMA Party Again

According to TMZ, Suge Knight was shot six times at a VMA pre-party hosted by Chris Brown at Hollywood club 1Oak. No information has been released about who the shooter was. TMZ notes that The Game was denied access to the club earlier in the night and that some of the people who were with him stayed behind. Knight is currently out of surgery and in the ICU. TMZ also has video of shots being fired inside the club. Knight was also shot at a pre-VMA party back in 2005.

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  1. You guys should just start a column of stories culled from TMZ.

  2. I have a theory about how he keeps surviving these shootings. I think the layers of fat act as a kind of vest that, while not bulletproof, diminishes bullets’ velocity just enough that they are unable to inflict fatal damage.

  3. The video of Suge Knight being shot is here.

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