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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards had their moments, particularly Beyoncé’s show-stopping finale, Charli XCX’s killer run through “Boom Clap” on the pre-show, and Sam Smith’s impressive take on “Stay With Me” (after an introduction from his friend Kim Kardashian West, no less). Also, shout out to Miley Cyrus for turning over her Video Of The Year speech to a runaway kid who spoke about the plight of the homeless. But mostly the parts that weren’t forgettable were just uncomfortable. These VMAs were the most awkward awards ceremony in recent memory. Click ahead to see why.

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  1. Picking just 11 must’ve taken hours of staff time.

  2. What an absolute fucking shitshow.

  3. I agree on all these points. The worst has to be Lorde winning anything associated with the genre of rock…who bloody votes on this shit anyways? But Katy Perry’s face when 5 Seconds of Summer was playing was priceless, as was Miley’s during Swift’s performance. Perry was thinking wtf am I watching? and they caught it beautifully on camera. As for that shitty boy band who think they rock… come Forever 21 bloody puked all over them making them look like douchebags. And the Plain White T’s called….they want their image back.

  4. I didn’t see the show so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the list, but I don’t see a damn thing awkward about Kim’s dress. I’m into it.

  5. But is Lorde any less rock than some of the stuff that was considered “Modern Rock” 20 years ago, like Sinead O Connor or even Enigma?

    • That’s what I’m thinking. She’s huge on rock radio too. Royals was #1 on the Alternative Songs chart for a while I know.

    • due to the absense of bass, drums, or guitar, yes she is less rock. She isn’t rock at all. She’s a watered down version of the Knife with sounds designed to appeal to pop fans and with trite lyrics and an image to impress “indie” fans, and it works. She’s a just another cynical record industry creation; an Avril Lavigne for this decade except people are somehow less savy than they were 10 years ago.

  6. I’ll just leave this here.

  7. The VMAs: Making the the MTV Movie Awards seem borderline coherent and worthwhile by comparison since 2014.

  8. “Pharoah first emerged to deliver a creepy monologue about how aroused he gets whenever he sees Ariana Grande.”

    In Jay’s defense, his point sums up my entire issue with Ariana. I feel like that pervy uncle he references the few times I’ve attempted to watch her perform. Of course, him trying to convey that point at the VMAs is the total wrong audience, but I’m beginning to think NOWHERE is the right place to convey that point. It seems much of the world is completely fine backing this Disney teeny bopper star that looks no older than 16. Watching the backstage, hallway cam last night featured many a huge entourage. Seeing Grande’s posse reminded me El-P’s line from “Blockbuster Nights” :

    “The fellows at the top are likely rapists/ But you like, “Mellow out, man, just relax, it’s really not that complicated.”

    So I’m going to mellow out until RTJ2 drops and continue not understanding Miss. Grande.

  9. I’m a middle aged guy and I’m not sure if it’s ME or if it’s popular culture but only very recently have I started to feel really pervy and gross watching young women on tv. Grande, Cyrus, and the two latest Kardashian/Jenner spawn are so ridiculously sexualized. It’s really, really weird. It kinda feels like we’ve been thrown back into the Britney VS Christina era. I remember with each passing award show it felt like those two girls were being coached into one upping the other.

  10. Really glad there is a Simpsons marathon on right now.

  11. but who is riff raff

  12. Geez, I didn’t think Taylor Swift did that bad of a job? Was she not a Pop Singer this whole time?

  13. Beyonce’s performance was incredibly awkward if you ask me.

  14. Be honest, did anyone really expect the best Rock song to go to an actual Rock artist? I doubt the majority of that crowd has heard of The Black Eyes or Arctic Monkeys. It’s not like Hold On (We’re going home) is full-on Hiphop.

    Good on OK Go to win one though, there’s an act that makes the most out of its video’s.

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