Hear New Sophie Music DJ'd By His Stand-In At Boiler Room

Enigmatic producer Sophie has been responsible for some of the most interesting dance music from the past few years — most recently the one-two punch of “Lemonade“/”Hard” — but he’s been wrapped up in a lot of mystery and the release of new music has been frustratingly sporadic. It seems like that trend will continue: At a Boiler Room set this past Friday, the producer DJ’d as one-half of QT — a duo with PC Music leader A. G. Cook — and apparently sent out a drag queen to act as his stand-in. During the set, they debuted a new song called “Hey QT,” which we’ve only heard a snippet from previously. You can stream part of their set below — “Hey QT” comes in at 4:40.

A release from QT is forthcoming on XL Recordings.

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  1. There’s almost nothing accurate about this story. Sophie’s set was completely independent of QT’s set.

    ophie sent out an apparent drag queen Kawaii’d out with a cute backpack, matching skirt and top, and pink headphones. Sporadically throughout the set a blonde, male body guard in a black suit with dark glasses cleared the stage of dancing fans.

    QT performed later, lip syncing and dancing to an extended version of her :45 second song. Both acts were excellent, thought provoking, and unlike anything I have seen before.

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