Charli XCX - "Break The Rules" Video

Charli XCX’s pre-show performance of “Boom Clap” was one of the best things about last night’s VMAs, and her new song “Break The Rules” was one of the best things about last week, and now she’s got a video for that song. The clip pretty much follows the lyrical narrative — Charli would rather break rules than go to school — but it’s still a great song. Rose McGowan makes a cameo. Check it out.

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  2. This is the second video where XCX plays a high school student. Hope she’s not getting Michael Cera’d.

  3. Hmm, color me unimpressed. New Charli seems to be ditching the futuristic pop of True Romance for bland Britney Spears-esque party girl anthems. Even “Fancy” is losing steam fast. I guess I just liked her when she picked up where Marina & The Diamonds left off in 2010 (before Diamandis went full EDM Madonna on Electra Heart). It seems like only Sky Ferreira and Oh! Land are the only pop stars brave enough to stay weird in today’s hit-factory monoculture.

    • Yeah, this is shit. True Romance was interesting – like a left-field electro Gwen Stefani record. This is just some targeting-the-masses, substance-free radio garbage. Miley Cyrus-type lowest common denominator stuff. Same goes for Boom Clap IMO. Disappointing turn she’s taken.

  4. Good to see Otto Mann driving the bus

  5. Song is not all that shit, but those are some weak ass lyrics..

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